Friday, April 8, 2011

Week one of three

Well today, we have 3 weekends of skating, before the kids enter, we take a vote if they want to or not.... What I really like about our club is that apart from having fit kids... Is that from the earliest age, they are taught to: self manage, organise their time, speak up, self motivate and self goal set. Their ice sessions are open, apart from 30 mins in total where they do "stroking" which for non skating folk is doing edge work (actual footwork technique) and their 10-15 minute lesson a session The rest of the time the kids have free reign to Ora tide what they want and do all the above. I love it, as I struggled with that as a kid, funny enough a lot if adults can't do it either.

Well my little ice princess is "opening the competition" youngest there, first out on the ice... She's a brave little warrior she'll go out do her best with total devotian, knowing she's unlikely to place as the others are about 2 years older. My eldest is excited pants/trousers that ate ling enough and the amount of boys have doubled in the past year, so actual competition so halved his chance of placing (I love it! he's jumping up and down shouting more boys... Yippee)...

I had my cotton wool moment earlier thinking what about brain injury, I had to tell myself they have to be able to LIVE too. Didn't stop the tears though, wasn't quite quick enough to grab an onion for an alibi... My eldest came and gave me a bear hug (yep Richard, I've been training him well).

My Oatie and I got to 2hours of ABR when my phone went all funny, I've taken some ABR tools with us for the weekend.

Oatie insists on eating his Banana with a fork. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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  1. Bananas can be sticky as, so I don't blame Oatie for taking a fork.

    And it's good practice for oppositional reactions (with the hand on the fork).

    Other good fork foods are celery, carrot, cucumber...


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