Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can of worms or swim through treacle? Bureaucracy is Bureaucrazy!

Today we got an email saying that the OT that we didn't think we'd get to see (about to go on Mat leave) will come and See Oatie on Monday at school.  Bit of a surprise, a nice surprise but, I was like Oh....  especially as I was just looking into the other avenues (the conventional route).

The conventional route, seems to be a HUGE can of worms, where you try and tap in to the service that you want and not to quote government documents, but it pretty much stated that THEY decide what you need, after THEY have assessed your family and after THEY decide this they then decide that.  I don't want much, just someone to ensure that we're on the right progression for speech for him and just someone who has more experience in potty training a chap, who doesn't feel secure on a "normal" potty.  (Normal in quotes, I have always raised eyebrows at the multitude of designs of potties, all flawed in one way or another, considering humans have been doing this for a while now... you would have thought the design would be perfected! lol!).  Or should he be using a rubber pen grip to encourage him to hold a pencil properly at home/school.

I don't want their physio (no offence, I have nothing actually against physio, it has it's place, it's just not the best thing for Oatie), Oatie's mum however, could do with some physio... lol!

I would prefer to have a SANE human to deal with rather than ridiculous bureaucracy that like a nanny-state!  Fortunately I now know a few people that we might be able to go in the "side door" (I don't want to queue jump, I just don't want the above).  Oatie isn't some lab-rat that people can just prod and poke for no solid good reason just to tick a box! and then the next person has to come and remove his nappy, so he can be weighed again, poke and prod and weigh, and I'm like NO!

I don't know about you but instead of bureaucracy, it should be bureaucrazy!

Well I've just added bureaucrazy to my dictionary as I think it's a word worth coining!

Let's hope that Monday goes well, and I can leave the can alone, the Monday route (school) is like swimming through treacle, but at least the treacle tries to mean well and does love Oatie... and might be worth the challenge.


  1. Mel I know what you mean sometimes you feel like you are hounded by the paparazzi so many people poking and prodding your child sometimes I just want my old life back where I can do what I want with my child (well almost anything), have nobody telling me what to do but then I think I don't have all the answers to help her with everything, may be they know some tricks that I don't know but then again after 3 years dealing with these ot's and pt's very few really come up with any amazing solutions to our problems. Usually its me and Annabelle figuring things out on our own it might not be perfect but it works for us. love

  2. Mel!!! bureaucrazy - pure genius! I have no patience nor tolerance for the workings of the bureaucratic world, especially in terms of getting the help we need AND deserve for our children. My dearest, Phil, has figured out, after many years, how to make the system work for us and for that I am very grateful. Had it been my job I would have burned many, many bridges. I know that your trip to Montreal is coming soon - can't wait to see what you think about the new techniques and how Oatie will tolerate them. Adam is settling right into them. I was wondering if your ears were ringing? (do you know that expression?) - I was talking to both Annie Lachaud and Fehim about you and your family (always with great affection and admiration). Sounds like another round of illness in your family - you have to get better to travel!
    Love, Sharon

  3. Well put, Mel. Mindless bureaucrats don't get nor perhaps will they ever get. Even if you hit them over the hear with a 2x4 piece of wood, they wouldn't get it. Unless you have a disability or are the parent of a disabled child, you should have no input in what the disabled need or should get. Makes me want to have a drink....

  4. Dear Sandi, Sharon and Phil,

    Thank you so much for your comments sorry I went AWOL there for a while.

    Thanks Sandi for backing up your instinct/intuition...

    Sharon, Oatie's dad "loves Bureaucrats" (I'm being sarcastic, he dislikes them even more so than I do) but also has greater resiliance in telling them where to go! lol! well, he could be Victor Meldrew on that one for sure...

    Phil, I have to say, that I loved the 2X4 wood comment (I roared with laughter with that), and I'd join you in that drink for sure!


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