Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny, Parites and Chicken Pox...and.... and.... double test day! YES DOUBLE!

We've gone a bit A.W.O.L recently... I've been having a blog vacation like my dear friend Phil lol!

Well the kids are tucked up in bed. and I'm about to mix a scratch cake (home-made cake) depending on which side of the Ocean lingo you like... for my daughters 2/3 birthday cakes.

She is having her Birthday over 3 weeks, it sounds quite regal really.... Well with the upcoming UK Royal Wedding lol... She not intentionally but has 3 names, all of which were once English Queens lol!

She had one cake on her actual birthday, she was competing... and next Saturday she is having her party 2 weeks later... and she today chose a flat Castle cake,... and couldn't decide between a dolly pick cake and that.. so depending on time, she might get both lol!

Our Skating Season is officially at an end, or it will be after our round up party.  My eldest brought a lot of metal home.  And my daughter... well she's at the lower end of the level my eldest competes at... and although she didn't place but twice.  She actually, learnt not to really care if she got a medal or not, to be a good and nice competitor and she learnt to win and lose with grace.  She made a point of high-fiving all the girls who did get a medal (my son does the same).  And she's finally realised that these other girls who do get medals are all my eldest's age.... and that she only came last once.  She beat 7&8 year olds... she actually got 4th lots... which was brilliant!

And.... we had double test day.... My eldest tested the next dance... it wasn't his best skate of the dance,... but he PASSED!!!  My daughter, PASSED her Dutch Waltz... which we found out from another mum/mom that the dance partner used to a few years back insist that they were 8 years old... so that was another honour for her...and she passed it.  I did feel rather sorry for him, having a 6ft+ guy, having to skate in a almost 90 degree squat...with a 6year old and 5 days she told me!!!

I have been running and swimming and actually lost some pounds... would you believe... ! lol! my throat lump thing is still annoying me... but by not shouting and changing how I speak or how I swim, it's much more manageable... the worst bit was not being able to cheer the kids on at their comps... in the end I asked some other parents who didn't know me at all, if they wouldn't mind cheering on the girl with so much sparkles on you're dazzled!

Oatie had has his chicken pox vaccine... it knocked him for six, so we were a bit late in doing his assessment video... but him hacking up his guts, wouldn't have been a good video...  We go in a few weeks time for our next ABR visit.... his illness has really knocked our hours quite badly....

My daughter went to an "educational 6th birthday party today" I don't object to museums, but this was at the little girls house.... and we did manage to persuade the mum to put the Mensa brain quest cards on the side...

Well I had better get mixing that cake... and hopefully if the Easter Bunny comes and after the hunt, if he does... I might get some bench in watching some Pooh Bear Eastery films which are Oatie's favourites...

And.... just in case you're wondering... there are Still no buds on our trees, not a single one, and we still have a garden full of snow!!!

The older kids did a beautiful Easter Bunny Murals in Chalk on our drive...  Huge WELCOME... they wrote the bunny a song this evening and sang at full volume and in different languages so he could hopefully understand one of them.

Sweet Dreams, and hope the Easter Bunny leaves you an Egg hunt...

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  1. Hey Mel! Good to hear about the family and I'm impressed that you seem to have been taking care of yourself along the way. Poor Oatie - big reaction to the chicken pox vaccine - kid can't get a break. . . You juggle well, Mel (think that rhymes) This skating world seems intense but I love that it becomes an opportunity for you to so skillfully teach your kids about living life gracefully (in that world of competition)- very impressive parenting. And, singing to the Easter bunny in different languages - precious.
    Love, Sharon


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