Monday, March 7, 2011

Wowwzer's Monday

Well, I think you know I'm slightly obsessive about time management, (I was a Executive PA), well I really really do like to squeeze as much in a day as possible. There are a multitude of reasons, one of which is really personal, was my aunt, who my mum nicked-named "Joan Collins", well my mum and my dad's sister had a spirited but healthy rivalry, and looking back it was rather surreal, but does make me smile, I think my mum and my aunt quite enjoyed the banter. Well the sad bit was that while my Aunt was what most people call their prime in her 40's, (although I think being in your 60's is your prime!) she had a stroke and had a combination of muscle wasting diseases and from being a feisty spirited, very handicraft type person to not being able to move a muscle apart from a blink. I still have the toy seal she made me when I was 7, and what occasionally chokes me is that after her first stroke and she realised that her health would deteriorate, she made pictures and hung them around her house, and wrote notes on the back for whom they were to go to, but never told a soul, after she died, her husband found them, they hung there for years. I don't know why I'm telling you this, I suppose it's just gone past her death anniversary, and I love sewing, a friend today was admiring the skating dress I made for my daughter, and she, my aunt loved sewing, but we never got to sew together.

Well, after seeing my aunt when I was 17, she could just about chat then, and we enjoyed watching "pretty woman" together, I vowed never to 'waste' a day again. Waste meaning Take for Granted. Hence my days are actioned packed.

Well to further streamline my schedule, I found this app, it's actually quite useless, but I kind of really needed it(for me), I think in pictures and well your day is a pie chart, and you put your daily schedules in and you can visualise you day (as you can see quite useless) but for me, I actually like it. I think the idea is that you balance your work, rest and play, and I suppose seeing the segments of each it nice. This evening when "Freetime" went ding on my phone I was like, ohhh that's nice!

Well today I had a great day, I swam 2k, ran 2 miles, I straightened my hair and painted my nails, did 2:55 of Bench (ABR), made the lunches for tomorrow, took the kids skating and made dinner, a banana cake, well it was just nice.... not too rushy but just nice.

Oatie will be returning to School tomorrow, he didn't make it today as each time he goes in he picks up another cold, and I was beginning to wonder if it was the floor... so my husband was hedging asking as diplomatically as he could when, so we found out today that the floor hasn't been mopped since September-October last year, the cleaner they just sacked said he never knew he had to clean in the preschool room ewwewewewe! 
Oatie walking to put the fence back in Happyland today
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  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness you know...I think the phone program sounds great, I could use something like that because you just get lost in a sea of activity sometimes. Also the mind starts to wander, distractions (you have those?) and before you know it you are off track. Even with Segev's things this happens to me more and more.
    Sounds like you are getting into great shape!

  2. Mel, you made my day. Do you really think that being in your 60's is in your prime? I always felt that being 63 was part of the down hill slide...the sun's out, so I'll believe you that it's prime time.

  3. Dear Eric, I do, my mind wanders, distractions, and more so when I'm treating Oatie, I now have a notepad by his Bench, to keep me focused on treating him, and I can quickly scribble a note and attend to the though or chore later.

    I will do a post of my favourite phone apps soon.

    I am trying to get back in shape, still have 20lb's to go lost 50lb's of Oatie's pregnancy, but I am feeling great for it (apart from the throat lump). I feel energised and I love it, it's my ME time and it almost feels like I meditate when I swim. (I put it down on my pie chart as exercise, but not part of my freetime segment, which I was proud of myself.)

  4. Sorry hit post before replying to Phil,

    Dear Phil,

    Absolutely, 60's is your prime for sure.

    My "unoffical" grandma at the age of 83, still backed her car down the 30foot driveway with walls either side 6inches of space each side of her car each day. Not a scratch on her car.

    If you don't believe me see this is a 78 year old self taught figure skater he didn't start ice skating till late 60's or something like that: You'll have to copy and paste the links.


    Love Mel


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