Sunday, March 13, 2011

Night time ABR...

I had no idea what to call this post.  My husband and my older two are at Beaver Camp for the night so the house is oddly quiet!  Oat and I had planned on staying in for a snuggle day even though it was one of the nicest days in 6 months... but I had to do a Skate Sharpening Run.

Here is a old English Expression, (after putting the link from wiki, I'm not sure it's all that politically correct or if I will ever use it again after thinking about it), but there is no offence intended, one of my Uncles is Dutch.  But I as the English say, plucked up some "Dutch Courage"  (But without the Alcohol upfront...), the part of England that I was from, it's more meaning "Bravery" than the Wiki Definition.

I realised when I was in my husband's car (we swapped mines more economical for distances), that we rarely go out with Oat on our own apart from the School Run.  When we go out as a family to shop, we have our "Groove" and between us, it's generally a really nice experience.  I used to go out with all 3 in a blink of an eye when Oatie was a baby, I'd have him in the baby sling, and my other two having a hand each.

Apart from the physical limitations of going out with someone who can't walk, the world wasn't build for physically less able, it's the emotional roller coaster, the smallest thing can really, really upset Oatie, and sometimes I don't know what it is as I can't understand what he's saying... (that breaks my heart not understanding him) .  (I can't complain, I think I would be 10million times worse than Oatie if roles were reversed).  It's also the getting in and out the car, folding and unfolding the wheels, and then the whole Barrage of "society" on top.

Today I thought I'm doing to go shopping with Oatie, like I used to with my other two... I may not do it for a while, a very long while... but I'm doing it today!  It can either be really nice or really upsetting for everyone.

So a huge cup of tea before going out (it was my alcoholic replacement - joke), and first went to the skate shop,  I trudged in there holding both of Oat's hands and left the skates there, I call it the "Waddle Walk" as I'm holding his hands straddling his gait and stooped over slightly so we "Waddle" and there's me chortling away in my "Queen's English" and Oatie replying in English or Fench, we always get the most bizarre looks!  We went in the car to another shop, bought something for Oat's brother, and our first conflict.  We parked in the handicapped spot, we have our Blue Badge, and (I NEVER park in it if Oat's not in the car with me), he didn't want his wheels, he wanted to hold my hands and walk, (yes it does take 10 times longer, but I think he likes the being part of the action), this lady started to scowl at us, thinking I was using it for a parent and child... and she went into the store that I was going in (I found out a few minutes later )to REPORT ME for abusing the space!, anyway I was trudging across to the furthest side of the store to get the item I wanted, in our "Waddle" when the manager approached me, she went to say something, but didn't, (she could clearly see that he couldn't walk), stepped out of my way with the scowling lady in tow and then they walked off, hearing her, oh, I didn't realise....  Why do you have to be "OLD" to be "handicapped?"  I don't get it!

We stopped off in another store but they didn't have what we wanted so we collected the skates, and then went to the fabric store which had a 50% sale on.  This time I did use his wheels as even I don't like going in there.  Oatie got complimented on his behaviour and the shoppers who said hi to him, he either chatted back in French or in English.  This nice lady who meant well, in the queue was saying if her grandson was here, (same age) he'd be running around the shop... "Don't you want to run around little man?"  (at which point Oatie teared up, and blinked back the tears)... and then said "Home now mummy?"

So we were out for 3 hours (I would have taken me 1.5 hours) but he really wanted to trek about and we both enjoyed it for the most part.  I'm glad I've been exercising as doing the "Waddle" is like an endurance event... but being fitter, it wasn't as tiring to put him in the car repeatedly, or do the "waddle" and  it was nice to be able to walk that length with him... We got home and I had made us a chilli con carne for dinner which was waiting in my beautiful oven for us, we played, and did some late night ABR which was a nice round off to a nice day.  It was so nice, I might do it again soon. He even helped me get out his ABR Machine, (daddy usually put it on for him) and he was teaching me how to do it... ahhh.

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