Friday, March 11, 2011

March and Friday AGAIN!!!

Oatie with the hardest push-along we have, the one behind is the harder cart and in the by the door is his sturdy tikes cart.
Here's Oatie taking Crystal my other son's cat for a walk in my daughter's Barbie Pram. You can just see the paw and tail.

Yesterday was a rather hectic day with one school skiing with their dad, Oatie at preschool, my other son at home for a teacher training day.  We made some paper aeroplanes together then picked up Oatie, had lunch, cleaned up did some ABR then had to go to the volunteer meeting which I actually (I'm surprised) got an apology for the whole "annoyed" thing.  So I was like oh OK, and well then the kids had skating followed by off ice followed by me leading our Scout meeting we were making peppermint creams.

It's really quite tricky trying to lead something when you just can't speak up, not because I'm shy (I'm about as far from shy as one can be.  Well that's not strictly true as the introvert side on occasion I can be but I don't mind public speaking or making a speech those thing just don't phase.  So it was like Galaxy Quest when I say something and then my fellow Scouter would repeat it for me.

So anyway, today I've declared that on Teacher Training days' I'm just not going to roll Oatie, I will take the day off, my eldest is going to be 8 this year and my daughter 6 next month and Oatie 4 in July... so seeing the actual Numbers, I'm like YIKES, and so I'd really like to enjoy those days with them.

So we've done 3 hours in the last two days and tomorrow & Sunday I should get our full hours in.

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