Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oatie's loves Bopping....

Well, you might have noticed a few additions to our blog. We've added the playlist, (some of the song's don't work) these are Oatie's favourite tracks, and if he hears them, particularly "Halfway" from the Black eyed peas, he'll either do his frog hop dance or he stands up and his standing style is hip-hop-ish.

Today I ran 3 miles and then had our adult skate lesson, I then noticed all the cuts and bruises I got from this guy in the pool yesterday, who swam very selfishly (to be nice), he was horrible didn't want to share and kept on ramming either myself or this other lady into the plastic ropes... So I forgave him, telling myself he must have some kind of chemical brain imbalance to be that nasty,... I have 2X2 inch cuts on my shoulder, two cuts on my hands and one on my chest. But by the end of my swim yesterday I kind of felt that he was just a horrid nasty person from witnessing his other actions. If I see him again I'm reporting him if he does it again. I don't understand how people can just be like that, how can anyone live like that? The amount of energy and conscious thought to go into being like that? Totally alien to me. Laughable that I can't hold a grudge even if I wanted to....

Tonight my DH (Darling Husband) had his Vol shift, here comes Mr Chippy.. and tomorrow I have my 12 hour shift so I may not be about till Saturday! I sure will be having a Guinness when I get in tomorrow (St. Patrick's Day). If you ever get the chance to go to Dublin, you HAVE to go and go to the Guinness Factory it's fabulous!
Oatie taking his brothers cat for a walk.

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  1. Every post I read tonight is about Dancing I guess it comes naturally for all kids. Sounds like you get lots of exercise in that's great with 3 kids.My exercise involves around keep up the kids which isn't really enough is it. Not sure how to fit it in. If I were you I'd avoid that guy at the pool he sounds totally crazy.

  2. Dear Sherry,

    I used to be Tri-athlete fit when I met my husband at the gym, and after the first two I worked part-time and squeezed in some exercise, after Oatie, not till this fall did I really get anything regular going, and I still had the 40ish of the 70 from him on me. I have 20 to go. It isn't easy at all, not with young kids, I took Exercise time out off my "free-time" and gave it the same priority as the chores. Doing that made all the difference, so while Oatie's at school, I go for a swim.

    That guy is very unique lets say.... I will post one day about this fabulous lady (she trumps him totally) at our adult skate programme, she's a real treasure...


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