Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OMG - I can't believe I said it...

Well today before our last Adult Skate class of the season, I usually go for a 3-5 mile run. It's a community running track and it's nice, it's usually social and the whole community share the two lane track. We have people from 90+ down to 3 using it. Serious runners to physically less able people and generally it's a nice atmosphere, as you run around you look down on the ice. With the snow hanging around it's nice to have a facility that you can run/walk inside.

My usual running companion couldn't make it today so I took my nano for company. Well, I can't believe I said it, (Those YOUNG PEOPLE!) (I really felt like Victor Meldrew, with one foot in the Grave...) but there were some young adults mid twenties maybe (so 5-10 years younger than me) and their behaviour was DISGUSTING, totally, not only did they run in a 2X2 formation, they were inconsiderate and rude and just awful. There is this one regular walker who takes 5 minutes to do a 200m lap, she's must be in her late 80's and a really sweet person. Another guy who takes 8 minutes he shuffles, we have one lady who I'm sure has CP she has a walker and today there was a young lady with Downs. What is usually nice is that we all co-exist happily and are courteous and everyone shares and gives respect to those who might be slower for whatever reason. But they are all regulars, and if I/ we or they miss a week they ask after you it's that nice.
This was about the only time they gave way, one had stopped already lol!

Well this group of 4 running in their 2X2 ran AT and through people, they would split and both go round either side of people jostling them, the elderly/physically less able either almost fell or got shoved into the wall. I did take a photo while I was jogging, I just couldn't take a photo of them with what they did to the young lady with Downs as it was just horrid, just plain horrid. I ran a mile watching this behaviour, almost embarrassed to see what they would do next. It was only a mile because.....

I think apart from the lack of humanity, what shocked me more was their lack of fitness, here I am a mum of 3, 20lb's to lose and well I could keep up with them! After one mile they were panting and having to take a break!

I had the dilemma moment of whether to intervene and stick my two pence worth in or not... by asking the aide of the lady with downs if she wanted me to say something to them, so after a bonus lap of thought, I did, I had finished my run, well she then turned and bear hugged me and thanked me for even caring, she said that she was annoyed too, but she was kind of hoping that they would just leave, I reminded her that it's a facility for all, and I could hear the other track users complaining of them too so she wouldn't be alone.

I knew how she felt, sometimes when you care for someone who is physically less able, from fighting all the time, sometimes you just want "it" (the fight) to go away, and just be able to go and have a good time without having to 'fight the fight'. You just want to be part of society without having to make a scene and just BE and not having a finger pointing to your disability ALL THE TIME... (It's not from embarrassment but you feel for Oatie like that time when he was asked to leave the buggy skating and he cried)

Well I'm going to make my lovely kiddies some lunch and the Oatie and I are hitting the bench (for ABR).
Oatie copying his sister, watching a movie together, he said "Oatie Chillin' Mama"


  1. sorry about the rude people at the rink

  2. Dear AZ, Thanks for your lovely comment, I just don't like it when I see 'people' pick on people who don't have a chance of standing up for themselves. If I see them again, I'm reporting them for sure.



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