Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Annoyed... 'resolved'

Well, after a night of insomnia, and an email or two later.  I got a lovely email saying that I was "NASTY" for telling the truth and for standing up for ourselves!  My email was no way rude and was factual stating the facts, the truth  (I'm sure she didn't like the fact I had dated photos).  How is it rude saying my son is handicapped? how is it rude saying I have a lump in my throat and how is it rude asking for justification for being moved without asking or consent? for a volunteer position?

Anyway,  they begrudgingly took the Saturday back off me and gave me back the Wed's that I/we origionally had.

I later found out they did this to someone else.  The trend is that you put your name down 2 weeks ago, then one of the organisers "buddies" just today, wants to have a social and so they pick and choose the shift of their choice, they get what they want, an hour here and an hour there and everyone else gets 'bumped'! for no legitimate reason...  Fair - I think not!

So my ears will be burning later this afternoon when they complain endlessly about me at their meeting.  Oh well, C'est la vie! 

I'm just happy that Oatie won't be "tormented" by being strapped in for hours, or go without half his weeks' ABR.


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