Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well we have the charging cable... Hooray!

I love the sun here, you can see the moon and just off the horizon the dark is the mountains.

Well, we have our extended Ipad2 Charging cable... Yipee! It arrived today. 31 days till it (magic book what Oatie calls the Ipad ) arrives. I hope that Otterbox's defender case will be ready too as the estimation should coincide with the delivery of the Ipad2. They (Otterbox) said that they didn't have the dimensions of the Ipad2 till it was released in the USA. I am sure that apple and such like companies, don't like Otterbox as they stop your lovely gadgets from breaking and would rather you buy their cases. A friend of mine told me how she recently DROVE over her iphone in it's defender case and was still fine. (not sure I'd want to try that one out and decided to take her word for it...lol!)

Oatie has been so much better today, he ate his all his dinner and is still chesty but we managed 1.5 hours of ABR I was tempted to go for a second hour after dinner while my two Beavers were at Beavers, but he was actually enjoying playing for the first time in a few days and it was nice to play with is Scooby Doo pirate ship with him.

Just made 3 banana breads which are baking and about to start cutting out for the gold skirts, The Skirts are for a team event with my two skaters. My older son, has the same material as my daughter and their friend, on the top with a swoosh (which he drew) and he'll wear his black skating pants... The Girls have the same material top and matching gold from the girls hotpants (Kylie style) which they competed in December, and this time the girls are having gold skirts out of the same material as the hotpants. I am always apprehensive about sewing for someone else (unless it's a surprise/gift), for a start I never charge for making (just the material) and I just hope it fits, which is usually does, I'm just a bit of an over perfectionist all the seams must line up and the gathering has to be just so.., my kids even show me the ill made skating clothes in the store (to make me feel better) with one inch out wasit seams to the skirt... and they (at this moment) still LOVE me making their skating clothes as they are unique and made to fit them.

Well I had better get back to making the skirts, the girls need them in 10 days time... yikes!
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  1. mmm send me some banana bread.. actually i have banana's on the counter waiting to be baked I should really do some baking myself. I'm so excited your getting the iPad2 lucky Oatie!!! and Mama. Ashley is getting one too I just haven't ordered it yet. there are 3 apple stores within driving distance so I plan to just pick it up myself.. .not sure it's in stock not sure what I'm waiting for. I'm also thinking of getting the otterbox defender case as well it comes in pink too. I hope you get your sooner then 31 days.

  2. Dear Sherry,

    That is so exciting about Ashley getting an Ipad2 as well. I don't know if our stores are out of stock either.

    I know the Otterbox cases are expensive, but it just keeps it nice. Fort the first time the other day we took my otterbox off just to give it a wipe over and it's looks 100% new underneath and virtually dirt free, it's been to Scout camp, running, my pocket, skating, bouncing on treadmills... everywhere...I LOVE the defender case for my iphone, and I'm sure my friend who drove over hers does too.

    I have seen the pink and black one, which I am partial too and for Oatie I think I'll get him the black and turquoise blue. I hope it's sooner than 31 days too.

    If I see or hear of the Defender case I'll post a comment on your blog, I so loved Ashley's birthday photos, such a gorgeous girl.




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