Saturday, March 19, 2011

I survived...!

Just to check in and say Hi I/We survived the 32 hours or should I say the 35.  My husband did 7 hours "worth"  But after a 13 hours one day and a 14 hours the next and a 3 hours today, my hours are done!  Hooray!  So Oatie and I might be back tomorrow!  Good night xxx


  1. Hi,My name is Anna and I have Cerebral Palsy too. I really want to learn how to roller skate!

  2. Dear Anna,

    Thank you for following our blog, I'm an adult '(non CP, just a mum) learning to ice skate, and my biggest tip is, lots of padding!!! I have a helmet, padded shorts, knee pads and I used to use elbow pads. They have adaptive skating, I wonder if they have adaptive inline?

    Oatie, is still 3 so we don't know how his CP will pan out over the next few years, but I keep on getting glimmers that he "might" be able to stand and skate one day.

    Oatie is adamant that he will skate, and knowing him he probably will!

    Best wishes,



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