Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, hypothermia and arghghghg

Well, today I met a Olympic-length triathalete in our pool, (my alter ego from a decade ago... lol!), well he was a nice chap (ok stop ribbing me about my Englishness - Chap) well, we swam for a bit together he was a fabulous swimmer and later when I only had 10 minutes to go and collect Oatie from school (I can see his school from the rec centre it's 300m away) I decided to run one 8minute mile.. and this guy was on the treadmill next to me,.. I was going for a bonus sprint, when running at a sprint speed, my phone went flying!).  First it bounced on my treadmill and then bounced on his and bounced to the floor.  Well I scared him to death and he very sweetly tried to save my phone by hitting emergency stop on his machine... ooops!  Well apart from ruining his run... (which he said he didn't mind...) my phone was fine.  I do love the Otterbox defender series...

Oatie and I had a super bench session we got 2hours 40 in of ABR today and my daughter passed her entrance exam and was given a place at my eldest's school... so while they had skating today my husband took them, I made her a cake to celebrate as she didn't know... and later my eldest helped me make pizza dough and helped with the icing of her cake... he was so proud of her.

Well, when my husband picked her up from school, she was as cold as ice... I still don't understnad why in  this day and age these stupid things happen.  She went school swimming 300m walk away, and even with a cap her hair gets damp/wet, they walk back..... it's a dampish -5 so what does the school do... they then send them out to Recess with soggy wet hair!  My daughter told her teacher that she was cold and BEGGED her to let her stay inside and read a book, but her teacher said NO!  So when my husband picked her up later she was bawling her eyes out not wanting to go outside and then he touched her, cold as ice.

My husband was super, he got her all warmed up, I always send my hair-dryer with him just in case anyway and he dried her hair of and got her wrapped up warm and I had a nice bath waiting for her when she got in.  (this evening they had parent-teacher night so we wrapped her up super warm to go to that......) and well my husband let them have what for, as this only happened earlier, by the time they got back in, she felt so ill that she didn't even want to eat her dinner  (home-made pizza her favourite) or her cake, the poor love.

After personally seeing and hearing of so many awful accidents/near accidents caused by "stupid adults" in charge of kids, I have since taught my kids to be respectful to the adults but...go with their gut instinct...if your instinct is SCREAMING NO at you, you should listen to it and say "NO". 

Ok going swimming is a risk.... and having damp hair walking the 300m is a risk... ok... I get that, but she specifically asked not to go outside for recess (20 minutes) as she was cold, and they refused to let my 5 year old stay warm and dry, and sent her out in wet -5 with wet hair!  It's not like they needed exercise, they just went swimming!  That's what makes me cross.  She said 'NO' and they ignored her, it's the irresponsibility of the school and totally pointless and now she's ill... great.

Do I really have to teach her to go and hide her snow pants so she doesn't have to go out in such situations?  Or run to the school 20m next door to phone home (she's remembered my husbands cell number and area code since she just turned 4)?

Well I'm going for a nice cup of tea and going to sew some trousers/pants.... (my other unpaid job lol!)

Love and hugs to you all,

Love Mel

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