Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOW I/we know some nice people...

Well, my heart rapidly repaired as fast as the Borg on StarTrek... I had two lovely messages from Sharon and Sherry waiting for me this morning which was just so nice.

Today I went to colled Mr. Oatie from school and well there was a British Friend who is an aid with the school 20m apart from my daughter and Oaties, and said she needed our help.  I was her daughters Girl Guide leader when we first moved.  She told me about her friend, whose marriage fell apart, she lost her home and then found out she's got the big C (Cancer) and was going to get married in the Summer.  I don't know her at all, but she's a friend of two friends of mine, anyhow her wedding got moved to this Friday as... her chemo started today,and her hair will fall out soon.

She wants to save her hair for a wig, (she won't be able to afford to buy a wig, but if you have enough hair it knocks the cost right down apparently) and from when I donated last it was 8 wig lengths to make a wig, her daughters have long hair too, so that could be 3-6 wig lengths... I've been growing mine for a year now and was going to grow a second wig length, but I told my friend, that if the Bride wants my hair she could, I have about one wig length currently, but I have dark hair... my friend said that our hair is almost identical shades so fancy that.  So this time next week I might have shoulder length hair!!!!

They are doing a wedding on a zero budget as possible, so one of my friends is altering her dress, another donated their dress, and well the friend I'm chatting to was arranging the car and the flowers and giving her away.  But the car fell through, so she asked if we had a nice car to lend...   So I said, not really a nice car for a wedding... but.. so I said I'd ask some friends of mine.  Well one is a fellow Scouter and so he's a friend(me) of a friend(my friend) of a friend( her friend) and well this took me back some, he said that he'd use his car and drive her to her wedding, someone neither he nor I have met... meanwhile, my hubby said that he'd take time out of work to drive her too, if my friend couldn't do it for some reason, so there I have two Scouter leaders, both willing to give up their time, and drive a stranger to their wedding.  Isn't that just so nice.

So the day after a broken heart, look at some of the lovely people I know!


  1. The wedding sounds sweet so nice your donating your hair wow that is impressive. I hope her wedding is everything she dreams it to be.

  2. unfortunately my friend can't do it as, I found out late last night, that she lived locally till she lost her home, so now she lives up in town 45 mins away, so my husband is going to drive up to to town, and drive someone we've never met to their wedding.

    Well I donated two wig lengths last year to an American Charity as they took "mature" hair..., and was going to do the same next spring, so I thought if this lady needs it now and can't afford one, then she could have my hair now....

    I'll let you know what happens and if she takes my hair... and how her chemo goes...




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