Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm annoyed, so very annoyed!

I wrote this on Monday, but slightly tentative about posting... but what the heck, I'm about to take my gorgeous no.3 back into school for some more **** so what the heck!  At least the Peppa Pig link is amusing ROL (Roar of laughter)

Apart from me catching whatever the kids caught mean cold virus, my darling daughter caught it and is still smiling the sweetheart.

You know when you're over 30 when you can't remember what happened last week (roar of laughter ROL!).  So I might have told you about this already....

Well I did managed over an hour of ABR, but my whole thyroid thing is really arghghgh!

My idea day would be that I woke up early and did an hour of ABR before the kids go to school but, well that's my aim.  I've been totally off Soy now for 2 weeks, so I'll let you know what happens...  I am trying to embed ABR into our life but with less stress, as last year I went at it like I would if I was running a half marathon.  I'm trying to keep on top of the house, chores, cooking laundry etc... AND get my health back and get in his ABR too.  AT least he has his machine each night.

As you know my older two love to skate, and well I have found out that in our province that people seem to hop from one thing to another and in a non rude way have no loyalty.  For example, our local dance school, the standards have been declining and me being me, have been faithful and loyal to the dance company, and well this year it's even worse.  I feel like that I might as well be throwing dollar bills on to the newly relocated firepit in our garden!

My kids love to dance, my older son has danced for 6 years and my daughter for 4 years.  They both started when they were two.  My daughters ballet class they all look like "peppa pig"  (click on the link and you can see the episode lol!) from a British Cartoon jumping and what makes me annoyed is that well the classes are really going downhill.  Yes, I wanted a more light hearted environment where they could have fun.. (as they are so dedicated to their skating) but also learn... too.  Not to leap around like flat footed elephants.  (no they can't say well that's their dexterity at that age... as my daughter can also do a full rotational jump on her ice skates) and funny enough this year my daughter is dancing to a ballet piece for her skating competition programme this year, when she skates it she has beautiful arms, gorgeous leg extension, looks like a ballerina and she just loves it.   It's choreographed at her level, unlike this ballet class which is tomorrow and I'm like nooooo I don't want to take them.... I know it's getting worse at the studio as I danced from 2-18 myself.

Two other families (about 20 families left the year before last) who did the lets hop to another studio haven't looked back, and well I'm in a dilemma, do I pull them and they don't dance this year or do we just tough it out...  (then kind of kick myself for being loyal, and giving the dance school another chance or riding out the storm...) so as it happens today (tue), my eldests teacher was in the building at the front and desk, dressed for dance.... but didn't take his classes lesson, and left a 10 year old teaching them, which frustrated them all as she was clueless what they were doing.... (I understand if someone is ill, but the teacher wasn't).  My own dance teacher broker her foot once, and she was still in the class shouting out instruction and had another senior dancer demonstrate.

Meanwhile, back on the preschool frontier... I found out that after 8 months from when his gorgeous aide gave notice (he wanted to start his life with his fiancĂ©e back home) was with Oatie, the School have done NOTHING, yep!!! NOTHING.... yes you heard me right....NOTHING NOT EVEN AN ADVERT TO FIND A NEW AIDE FOR OATIE!  So he had a woman who only sees the BAD in Oatie (Like she did last year), and to the point I don't want to take him in anymore...   This aide phoned today (probably wondering if Oatie had left which means she's out of a job) to see how Oatie was, my friend has named the preschool team, the "Bitch club" as that is what they are doing to Oatie.... The nice head of the preschool room isn't there this year, and they didn't even tell us, I emailed her and just found out!

Yep, Oatie went in for a day and was ill again!!!! I really think that they don't clean the preschool room... like at all, I've never seen them wipe a single toy...

So I am going to try the "state help" and see what happens, I've emailed the intake line and well you have to wait 10 working days for a reply....

On a good note, still in disbelief, that we could tax deduct ABR, Oatie's dad put a case together and fought their ruling and they agreed in our favour... still in shock...


  1. Just wondering. . . Life sounds so full of conflict - Oatie's school and health, your health, stressful environments for kid's activities. I would be tempted to simplify. You juggle so much. Does Oatie need to be in preschool right now? Would life be simpler if you kept him home this year? This stress is not doing anything good for your health, my dear friend. You are absolutely right about the school situation - they should have carefully selected a qualified aide for Oatie, in place for his school year. But, I am concerned about you. You get Oatie in good health, you in good health, decide about the dance school and slow down your pace. Who am I to give advice? Just an old lady who clearly sees a friend in distress. . .
    Love, Sharon

  2. Dearest Sharon,

    you know me so well. x This year (academic) I decided that things need to change, make some more positive changes, now we're getting used to a sweetie with CP. I have already slowed down the pace of my life... my eldest leaving his school and my middle one leaving hers and consolidating them at the same school... (the kids taking the bus), to co-clubbing for skating so the effort is the same but without the stress of a short session. I've stepped down from Scouts this year as a leader too... it was just too short turn around from when I got back in. I can always go back... i still help the district out but that's a few hours as and when in my own time.

    Well, when I posted it yesterday, I've made decisions based on how things unfold.

    I have contacted another preschool that my friend recommended and they have all the OT/Speech Therapists actually in the building so they work with them while they are at school. If that doesn't work out for this year. We're already going to chat to my older two's school about options for next year for Oatie, plan it now and see what we need to do and what the school might need to do to accommodate Oatie....

    Oatie's current Preschool is on it's last leg, as far as I'm concerned. I will chat to our rec centre Creche as I know most of the ladies in there, you see them cleaning it and they are all lovely ladies and see if there is an option there. If not, he will stay home for this year.

    I think my illness came about on a journey of recovery... I saw this amazing lady the one who sorted my leg out for the half Marathon back in May... well she treats your whole body, and she can feel points of tension, even organ deep... and she did a lot of work around where the surgery was, and broke down some of the scar tissue. She is totally amazing... Apart from being ill, my throat area feel so much better and I think I'm detoxing also from coming off Soy. Around my thyroid is so much less swelled.

    The Dance school... I emailed them on Tuesday... to tell them how it is.. and well that's on borrowed time too.

    My strategy is...I tend to set a actual calendar date and go by that, if I still feel the same at that date, I review it.

    Thank you for your advice, the only point I don't agree on is you being old! Thank you for being such a super friend, and I love your advice anytime xxx

  3. Hey can't complain about being 30, just imagine if you were 63 like me! I'm thankful that I wake up in morning and make it through the day. I never have to worry about getting off soy (because I hate it)but would never want to get off a good bedtime drink of something strong.
    I would also recommend a very good quality single malt scotch (Glenlivet) for the throat or actually for any cold or will burn everything away.

    Blessings to all!!

  4. I'm glad to see you taking a breather in your comments. :) I'm thinking there is a reason to why others hop around from one place to the next--probably they feel the same way as you and move on to the next dance's a shame really, isn't it? And I'm with Phil--a good swig of Scotch will cure just about anything that's ailing you. ;)

  5. Dear Phil & Lizbeth,

    Thanks for your comments too :)

    Funny enough my mum always sweared by good olde scotch. I think I will, for "medicinal" purposes... ROL! (Roar of laughter!)

    Well, a non emotional letter of complaint has been done on my part against preschool.

    I'm resolved to give them a final chance of ousting the Aide, or it will be Au revoir!

    We're looking ahead to kindergarten and I have the other back up plans lined up.




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