Friday, October 7, 2011

Letter of complaint - Sent!

I didn't take Oatie to School this morning...

Well, I started the ball rolling.  One letter of complaint to the town mayor.... about disabled access etc etc...

The other to Oatie's preschool.  Lining out all the "issues", it was totally non emotive (very proud of myself).  When I've actually decided something, it doesn't really bother me anymore emotionally / no stress .... (I kind of like that change about me since I've had kids).

Well it's all kicking off, (the other parents have bough their popcorn to eat while watching on the sidelines ROL!) I bypassed all the people who kept on saying that they will do something and just in the end, emailed the head of the head of the head...I got back an email to me within one hour of my email being sent.... and stated that after Thanksgiving that she'll arrange a meeting.  I decided that they can have one final meeting with me, the decider....whether I believe they will or have the capacity to change.  I told her I don't want any of their defensive rubbish...

Well I really didn't pull any punches with his preschool, as quite frankly I don't care to be honest.  My decisions been made in my mind (no change, he leaves...) (change he stays) and I'll see how it plays out... It will either it will go one way or the other way. ROL!  I covered from the lack of snow shovelling on the disabled ramp, to how they couldn't be Bothered to switch on the disabled doors, to the toilet seat, to the bitch comments to the lies....I'm just not having my gorgeous Oatie stuck in the middle of it.

I was wondering whether they have a mould problem (It's a portable building), hence all the illness at the school... the Kindergarten is the same... as this dad told me that his son who was with Oatie, has been ill there for 3 weeks.  My daughter was in K there last year and I moved her to a different school.  600+ students at her new school and only a light cold... (she caught from Oatie!)

Get this, this was the cheery on top..... but met a dad this morning, who's older  kid did, and younger kid will be going to Oatie's pre-school.  Anyway, he said that he KNEW this aide was returning permanently as... he bumped into her in the Summer ROL!  Where as they told me they were looking....hmmmm

Oh and when my husband spoke to the "jaw wagger" Head of Oatie's Room...(she's all speak and no do, hence I emailed her bosses/bosses/boss) when asked how often they cleaned the toys... there was total silence on the phone.... NICE!  After hearing email was sent off within the hour.... ROL!

The Gym Creche I popped in today (all the ladies I know they've even taught me and my older two to skate) said that they would have Oatie hands down... no problem..  it's hit and miss, if he gets a slot... but they are really sweet ladies.

Happy Thanksgiving.... !



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