Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paper et al. lol!

Here is tnew latest that we've been arranging that I haven't had time to blog about.

Tomorrow we're taking Oatie to the Dr's to.... get his application for a SERVICE DOG going.

I've filled out the preliminary forms and I have returned those and now they need signing off from a physician to state that he does have CP and that a dog would be beneficial for him.

If the application is application is approved, it could take 2 years for a dog to be trained just for Oatie, it depends they said on the needs of the person applying.

Oatie's future school already have one service dog attend school, our rec centre let's service dogs even pool side....


We're taking Oatie to an charity/non-profit organization where Oatie can get some adaptive ice skating gear en route to Montreal for his ABR.

So I know it sounds totally insane, for a 6 day Trip....but, we're flying to Toronto, and staying the night in a neighboring town, Oatie can be fitted for special equipment and attend the Adaptive ice skating class/session. Then we casually drive back up to Toronto, have a rest evening and a whole day in Toronto I might catch up with some family. Then the next day we get the train from Toronto to Montreal and put our feet up. Grab another hire car and then the next day get stuck into our ABR training and then fly home.

So that's all been arranged and Oatie is so excited. Our rec centre has already approved the gear and, My older two's head figure skating coach has also volunteered to get Oatie going on his adaptive gear when we get back.


  1. All very exciting, a new dog and adaptive skating stuff! Oatie must be in 7th heaven. I hope that you have a very successful and productive training in Montreal...give our best to all and keep us updated about progress. Safe trip..

  2. That sounds awesome! I might have to get a dog for Cj. I can't wait to see Oatie on the ice! Have a wonderful trip!


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