Friday, October 14, 2011

We went Swimming!!!

Well, we did it, Oatie went Swimming...

I went for a public skate and a quick swim, dove home and grabbed Oatie from his dad, and took Oatie Swimming.  I must take my waterproof camera so you can see his face, it is just wonderful. 

Oatie made a friend there, who was about the same age, and after a while he asked why Oatie couldn't walk... when I said not everyone can walk.  So he said, that's ok, put him in the floating boat and I'll give Oatie a ride.

When I went for my swim earlier, I bumped into a group who.... were special kids like Oatie, they were from the high school and I asked what group it was and that Oatie always gets' asked why he can't walk and it would be nice for him to just go swimming and make some friends too.  So when I took him back the chief organiser came and found us and said that we're more than welcome to come and join their special group...  and left an open invitation... which is really nice of them.

Slight awkward moment after the parent and tot swim.... I bumped into my Oatie's ex school... well the k-9 Oatie's ex-preschool is housed in the building but not really part of it.  My daughter went there for K, and she apart from being bullied did like it in the K.  Her K teacher gave me a huge hug, where as this other mum who often was in the preschool class last year as she is apparently a "teacher" I don't know of what apart to be hostile lol! refused to speak to me, not that I was bothered....

Better go and finish of the lunches, Oatie is super hungry after all that swimming.

Oh and on a parting moment, there was this one mum who was in a WHITE tiny See through bikini and well it was so transparent and it was indeed YUCK to be honest.... 


  1. Sorry trying to catch up on blog post I've been so busy that blogging taking a back seat lately. But I'm going to try to catch up the swim sounds great Ashely goes every week and loves it.

  2. I find it truly amazing and quite hopeful that the people who respond most genuinely and in a most unafraid manner to our kids, are other kids. Young kids have not been tainted by the prejudice of institutions, society and others. The young have so much to teach us.....warmest regards to all! Best for your upcoming Montreal adventure!

  3. Dear Sherry and Phil,

    Thanks guys, we went again today and had a great time.

    I agree Phil, why do the kids parents FEAR so much about meeting our children? Or letting their kid touch our kids?

    We've just booked our flights for our Montreal adventure and will blog about it soon x


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