Friday, October 28, 2011

Ok... here's a new one... Diversity!

How do you guys feel about being labelled a label?

Do you mind, don't mind or prefer having a PC(politically correct) name...

I don't know, nor do I spend much time thinking about it either... Well today i was at our rec centre my older two had a skating seminar today, and well.. I was due to be at the rink till 12.30... we arrived at 7.30....

Anyway; as the times weren't published, I missed my skate and Oatie missed his swim today (I did take him yesterday just in case) and... my husbands car was stuck in park well he managed to get his car to go in the end... but he missed the school meeting.

While he was enroute to the adaptive ski meeting at Tim Hortons... (I know, well the adaptive guy was really nice, he said rather than driving up to the Mountains, that as he was in town anyway he could see us before/after his other meeting).

So I don't know all the in's and outs, but basically we can get Oatie up the mountain mid November on adaptive ski gear, he said for now he would be a sit skier with the view to him being a standing skier when he can weight bear for 20 minutes at least.

So that was exciting. Our dog application has gone off, and Oatie being the bright one that he is is already talking about having a dog so I had to explain that although he would be amazing with a dog, and be a really good owner... there might be someone who needs a dog more... so he might not get one or for many many years....

My friends dog, he played his ipad with, she curled on the floor and he sat between her paws and he played his ipad with her and even a game of monopoly together on his ipad. He/She LOVED it.

The meeting that was missed was rescheduled for the pm and in that we now know what we need to do before Jan's application date for Oatie in Kindgergarten for next year.

Kids wiped and all in bed... Mummy more wiped but not in bed... yet. However a nice man called Ravi cooked my dinner tonight (it's take out) lol!

So going to put my feet up with our takeout and a lovely glass of vino and (yes Phil the Brandy / Whisky is going down a treat... :)) .)

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  1. Call me anything that you want except a politically correct name provided that the non-politically correct name comes with a high quality single scotch...


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