Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm a stress free MAMA SHREK!

O.M.G I think I'm "mama Shrek".... but stress free...

I get fiery about things but NOT emotionally angry... I have a good vent but it doesn't cause me sleepless nights...

Well after the outcome, I got the farewell email from the room leader... and it was along the lines of the type that one would receive if you moved.... or changed preschool.... not one that this person from their own bad choices and stupidity caused us to remove our little guy....

So no mention, not even a single apology about putting this person as my son's aide... not a single shred of remorse..... When my husband spelled out the reasons for Oatie leaving she just nodded and looked blankly like in one ear our the other or who knows what.

So I wasn't having, oh "he was such a happy boy... pleasure to work with....." Oh no! I decided that i would put it for her in black and white, why he left and I did use capitals, on the YOU bits... oh I did.

It was more the cheek that to push the whole situation away and not bear any responsibility for her rubbish choices or actions... or lack of them!

My 6 year old, said that Grown up's are silly. If kids don't make good choices when interacting with other kids, the situation is mediated out, and people move on,.... she then went on to say when Grown up's don't agree or when one grown up says to another grown up that that grown up didn't make a good choice she said they get all silly about it, and act like a toddler!

So I am waiting for my "toddler response back" from this woman. I really don't care what she says... someone has to tell her that she really didn't make the best choice and maybe she won't inflict the same on another family.....


Mama Shrek... well the bus since the change of driver over the past 10 days has been late/lost and forgotten children... Once again the driver is very nice and looks like their driving is fine. But we live out in the country so you can see a 10 minute walk away to your neighbours on the other side of the estate... This bus does circuits and it's like a Benny Hill sketch... the bus goes this way, then that way, then drives past misses your turn off, turns around comes back up your road, drives past your house....then takes another turn on the route it just was and well my kids spend 20 minutes driving around the estate.... doing laps and laps of the estate..... I'm standing outside and waving at the kids in this direction and then they wave on the way back....

I know people will have a teething period with a new route... but... it's Canada and well they're already hinting of colder things to come and while its mild its not a huge deal to wait 20 for the bus... but you don't want to be out there for 20 minutes in -35... not when you're the first and last stop... So I just told the office and stated how I don't want this lady to get in trouble... just that they are now late for class too... I just think an experienced driver might sit with her over a coffee and plan the route with her..... What did my older twos school do, they forwarded it to the transportation office.... so I was like oh no!


Mama Shrek part III

Well... you might know but we are a Scouting family... and well they are having a "no one left behind campaign". It's about raising money for families, kids who can't afford to go to Scouting for financial reasons stating how that they deserve a break from their hardship for a few hours a week. Well I couldn't agree more..... One of my Scouting friends sent me the link to the campaign.... but it just made me annoyed.....

However, it doesn't state anywhere that they want to help physically less able people, not a single bit.... so the "no one left behind" is for able bodied kids.... so does that mean that Oatie isn't a person? Because this campaign would leave him behind.... or just because you can't walk.... you are not allowed to be a Scout or a Guide? Having been in the Guiding and Scouting world since I was 7, and done it all from Brownie up.... I know that not to be the case at all, Baden Powell wanted EVERYONE to be included, and he meant everyone. I have one of the very first Scouting handbooks EVER, yep a 100 year old book! For my Queens' Guide, I had to study the life of BP and Agnes... and the formation of Scouting and Guiding. I have even been as a child to the Scouting Mecca of Brownsea Island. So don't tell me Scouts Canada that people who are not as physically able as my older two, can't join! It goes against the very principles of Scouting!

Yes I did email Scouts HQ in Ottawa... as Oatie would like to be a Beaver next year... and why not!

So Phil, there is 3 people down, now many more billion to go???

Well on an UPBEAT note, you know when people say one door closes another opens.....

My friend who LOVES JJ, he inspired her to be an aide but she was telling me about all the things she is learning and at my age (we're 4 months apart) has found her Niche in life and is just so happy and she is an awesome mum and the passion about her being an aide, is just beautiful...

I will blog about the new exciting things that we have lining up from Oatie... so exciting.

This week, I had no intention of being Mama Shrek.... at all.... but well, these things do pop up together sometimes... I will not and cannot stand for prejudice for people outside the normal distribution curve....

Maybe I'll get some green body paint just to really be Mama Shrek!....


I almost feel like going back to school and studying to be a disability rights lawyer! I really do...

This unfairness really shouldn't be here in today's times. It's so last Century!




  1. Well, Mel, I cannot think of anything wrong with green body paint...Mama Shrek! Of course, you could never expect a school to would mean that they would have to accept some degree of responsibility and if you accept responsibility for your actions it means that you have to change. Fat chance!
    I thought that scouts were all about god and country and service, blah, blah, blah...they better accept and accommodate Oatie!
    I hope that you are very proud of your role as an advocate because I think that you are doing one hell of job!
    All our love and warm blessings!!!

  2. Dear Phil,

    So true, (apology would = a change). One of my favourite lines after Oatie's dad said that Oatie won't be returning was that they will from NOW ON shovel the ramp.... (he was their only non walking student). The School only has 76 people in it so it's not like Oatie was lost in a huge crowd/overlooked.

    Locally our Scout group will accept Oatie (I'm on the group committee... and Oatie's Dad is one of the Beaver leaders), but beyond our local welcome haven, I wonder. I did get the region office to agree that Oatie could come on a residential camp next Summer, so Oatie's dad and I could do the second part of our wood badge training.... I asked this year for next year. It took them 3 weeks to think about Oatie going on a camp non walking and eventually I got back that they would enlist 2 venturer scouts to Oatie....

    I know, I have always found that so bizarre when an organization is about service to the community, helping others acceptance of everyone and everyone is welcome that then the main principles get "forgotten" and it all moves so far away from the basic principles....

    Thank you Phil, that is a HUGE compliment especially from you :) With Halloween in a few weeks I might load up on Green Body paint, as I am sure that Mama Shrek will return again soon, I could put money on it x



  3. YOu would be a stunning Mama Shrek for Halloween. Just sayin. :) See, I think these people fall outside that normal distribution curve and that's the problem. They're so far outside that curve!!! I don't see them apologizing as that would be in essence admitting fault. I think they were just giving you face service and that is all the more infuriating and sad. You are so much better off without them. But that being said, it doesn't lessen the sting or bitterness for them failing you and your family. Not one bit.
    I'm glad you have a sense of humor becomes you.



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