Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I took Sharon's Advice...

I just couldn't send Oatie back to school... I just couldn't....  I got him all packed up and ready and then my legs were like lead.... like they wouldn't move.  I wish it was different, I wish that people who are different to the normal distribution curve got treated fairly and with respect.

They, after my 8 page email... they called a meeting this morning very short notice... so I coudln't get anyone to look after Oatie at 3 hours notice... so I sent Oatie's dad to advocate for Oatie and not take their rubbish, or defence.

The bottom line is... they have let Oatie down, they suck at their jobs and really they should be SACKED!  If they were in a company and did that, they would have had warnings and well I'd would have had them out before they could say teacake!  So why do people get away with it in "education?"

If you can hear fireworks...well thats why... I was wishing I was at the meeting... but My husband went (for my throat) and he doesn't say much, but a true Scorpio, when he does, he says it short sharp and to the point.

So I'm at home waiting to hear how it went down.

We decided that we would have to take him out from Nursery this year well from there... 

My debate was Pre-school Vs Pulling him out...

I feel like a horrible person, fact.... on one side, I LOVED my break/tiny bit of independence it was just over 2 hours M-F but I LOVED it...mingling with other adults... swimming, skating and running with my friend.

BUT!, on the other, this past week it's transpired that... they lied right from the onset, they didn't even try to find him an aide and well the sharp verbal comments that the poor guy is hearing all the time is just unprofessional and wrong... and they are just short with Oatie.  I said to my huband, would we leave any of our other kids with this aide, say if she ever offered to babysit.. and we instantly like NO! so why would we leave her to be with Oatie?  She isn't alone with him at school but the now head of the room isn't much better.  She's never wanted him to be at school as Oatie messes up her OCD of her planned morning.

Sharon was right, thank you Sharon x 

I'll let you know how it goes....


  1. Oh Mel, I am so sorry to hear that you were forced into this situation - not fair, not fair. Please, please never feel selfish for wanting, needing some independent time. You have really good "gut feelings" about situations and that makes you an awesome mother. Sending lots of love to you and your family.

  2. Dearest Sharon,

    Thank you :) and for giving me the strength to do what was right for Oatie xxx


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