Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh and we did managed our very first cycle as a family. Well Oatie had been in the buggy with his brother and sister (we have two bike buggies) when we were in England. But this was our first family outing with Oatie. it was only around the block but we really enjoyed it. Now his sister can ride her bike we can find a new freedom next spring and bike a bit more...

Well Oatie lasted 8 days before he got sick.... well he does seem to be bouncing back a bit quicker.

I have tried to blog about 5 times this week already either no internet connection, i flaked out or I was too busy eating coconut milk ice-cream....

Yep it's the Gluten free recipes that are causing the grimacing in our home. The brown rice pasta is actually very nice and we've gotten used to it for our main rice too... my tip is to throw on some vegetable stock when you are boiling the rice and it's tastes so much better:)

Well Oatie still hasn't make it back into school. We are pursuing his immunity quest as:

. I can't roll him, I know that they say that you can, but I find that it makes him so much worse.

- He can't go swimming, Swimming is amazing for kids with CP and he LOVES it, it could be "his sport"

- I think it's bad enough having CP without being ill all the time.... I HATE being ill and I can walk and do things, what fun is being ill when you can't even go and do the things that you can do...

So back to Bulk barn i went.... I have no idea how it gets expensive in there when everything is pretty cheap... But I am doing a cost analysis of baking from scratch (home-baking if you're from the UK) and using their packet mixes... Oddly enough it's almost the same price to buy a packet mix, than it is from scratch... go figure!?!?!

anyway... I got some cat food treats for Crystal as it's her 2nd birthday on Saturday so my eldest is so excited and is busy planning her a mini party with just us... Oh to bake a wheat cake or a gluten free cake... that's the question...

On the home front... my war on the Mayor has been temporarily delayed as my friend works at the council and I was going to ask her the best method of declaring war... on this very nice man. He is a really nice man and looks a lot like my pal Phil Dzialo (over at Adam's blog) actually but Phil (isn't a politician, and is way nicer...)

Anyway as I have an impeding battle to commence at Oatie's preschool...

is it the parents? NO! is it the other kids giving Oatie a hard time? No! Who is it? YEP! it's them the teacher and aide....

OMG! yes, I have had a whine and moan every single day (in that respect I have not missed taking Oatie in for that reason), well anyone who has lived in Sunny Alberta knows that from one end of the province to the other is like 2 different countries, and if you live by the mountains, you have NO IDEA what the heck to wear. I describe it as actually living up a mountain, the weather is changeable and unpredictable to say the least I can be sunny one minute and serious snow storm the next!

So, i get, I have dressed Oatie too warmly, well it was cold when we left our house... i have no control over their class room temperature... he was wearing a under layer, and no could they take that off... NO! they just whinge and whine and arghghghghghg. They could have left him in his under layer which looks like a tshirt or taken that of and left on his top layer!

The next day get all this SHIT (excuse the pun) about the toilet seat that they bought from his grant, and it doesn't fit... so i offer to bring one in from home... and well that doesn't fit so I get this woman say "so what do YOU want to do about it!!??!?"..... hhhhmmmm it's YOU chose the seat for the toilet at the school you teach at? it had nothing to do with me!!!

The next day i get a complaint about his nails, they were short... but anyway I cut them again... and then the day after I get another complaint about his nails... I was like they are short, he can't help it if he has strong nails... I showed her mine which after an hour in the pool and hot tub were not soft... arhghghghghg

I get another complaint the day after that THEY CANNOT FEED HIM SOME OF THE CRAPPY TREATS, yes they want to in 2.5 hours feed our kids JUNK! when we all provide snacks for them.... they were disappointed that he can't join in on their junk quest!? arhghgghhg

They make me feel guilty for enjoying my 2.5 hours away from him.... I'm sorry be he needs to be away from me too,

So anyway that aside, I have bought another mix for Oatie to try, another mum swears by this bread mix which is GF for her bread machine.

And yes, I have entered the paradise world of coconuts.... we bought and ice cream maker and made our own coconut milk ice cream... there are not any photos of the actual ice cream as it was demolished! And so delicious!


  1. I am so mad!!! Why do some of these people go into education. Grrr!!! We are having the same issue here and it's the teacher that's the biggest problem. I just want to tell her getting your summer off must be nice but you really need your head in the game now that you're in the classroom. Ugggh. I swear I'm banging my head on my desk for the both of us.

    And that coconut ice cream---that looks incredible! Save me some!

  2. Dear Lizbeth,

    I have no idea. I really don't know why some people go into Teaching at all... like if it brings out the worst in them, surely you'd think they'd have the courage to admit to themselves that they suck... and that they should side step into an arena where they are not with children?

    Thanks for sharing the headbanging, mines about to fall off from all the banging on desks and shaking of my head in total disbelief!

    Yes, I have to say that the coconut icecream has been pure bliss and nice therapeutic relif!!! i'll share the recipe if you like xxx


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