Friday, September 23, 2011

OMG look!

Just Come in at our local supermarket, so excited and it's delicious !


  1. Forgot to tell you but your last post made me laugh out loud- picturing all of you sitting around the table - trying not to make faces due to the taste of the new soup. You are all such troopers!!! Adam has been dairy-free for months now too. We found coconut milk yogurt - he loves it and we pretend that it's dessert. . . It was hard to find too. Talk soon
    Love, Sharon

  2. Coconut milk ICE CREAM also,,,the sweet stuff, which my wife neglected to note, is equally important.

  3. Dear Sharon and Phil,

    We have been Dairy free for about 13 years well I have, Oatie's dad has been since he was 7 lol! So we're used to have Goat and Soy. Now we're all off soy completely, we're on almond, goat and now COCONUT.

    I think it's the gluten free things that are or were turning our stomach's lol1 (like the breads/rices and pastas).

    Day 9, and well I made the same meal that everyone was going urrgghghhg the other day, and yesterday everyone ate second helpings lol!

    In Sunny Alberta, we have an interesting time getting alternatives, so now we might have the coconut milk, but only one place will stock it in the whole of Calgary for example... then if it goes... like they dont stock it anymore then you're stuffed!

    So I decided to take matters into our own hands,... I went and bought a bread machine and a ice cream maker yesterday! So tonight we're going to try out homemade coconut milk ice cream, How exciting!

    Have you noticed an improvement with Adam coming off the Cow's milk? When I used to have Cows milk my allergy didn't come on till I as about 17, and every 6 weeks I used to get a chest infection. Affter a long while of that, I finally came off cows milk.

    ohh and the liberte goat yogurt is just gorgeous if Adam can have goat.... it's so nice that you could just eat it plain. I will definitely look out for coconut milk yogurt that sounds gorgeous!

    Maybe we should set up a sub blog of our own recipes! :)

    Love you lots,



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