Monday, September 19, 2011

The Trial

Ok, well it sounds like a John Grishom Novel... lol! After Oatie made it at school for 2 days before he became sick. Then missed a week and then went back.

Well sometime it's odd when you end up having to PAY someone to tell you what you already know,... but it seemed that I needed that push to try.

We took Oatie to a Naturopath, and well the bit that we knew was to remove all allergen's from his diet. i think because of his physical limitations, and then having two other children, and we're already all dairy free.... that I make most of our food from scratch... that the thought of now going for Gluten, dairy, sugar free.... so the Naturopath suggested that Oatie goes on a high protein diet, with a type 2 diabetic, gluten, dairy diet..... Oatie's also not allowed to eat any form of cereal either.

So my best friend told me about a bulk food store, where you go and fill up bags of different flours etc... this shop also has blends that you can make by adding say eggs etc.

So we're now on almond milk and coconut oil and all sorts of gluten free flours lol! We're joining Oatie on his new trial diet for the most part. My older two can still have their favourite wheat cinnamon bread, as I made Oatie a gluten free version. Which my daughter asked if she could have some more of Oatie's dodgey bread! lol!

We've tried the gluten free pizza crust mix too... it was ok as long as you make the pizza crustless! lol!

So it feels a bit overwhelming till I get up and going with it, but we're hoping it will make a huge difference with Oatie, we were also given some homeopathic remedies to accompany the elimination/immune rest diet.

My aim is apart from him to not be ill as frequently, is that I can take him swimming as it's something that he loves, and could be really good at... and it could be a direction that he can thrive in, but at present we can only swim during the warm months/Summer holidays.

Not only that, I really don't like doing his ABR on him when he's ill as he's coughing and spluttering and I end up going down with it too... so not good for anyone.

Well he saw the Guy last wednesday after school, and so since he got home till now, he's only had a minor deviation on his allergy free diet.... he had a morsel of wheat bread, like a slither, one chocolate/(no wheat) and a slither of cake (which I made and was for a baby shower that we went to). OMG what am I going to make tomorrow? lol!

So I'm about to go and try out the gluten free brownie mix, and what I am doing is making the gluten free things and then going to make my own version with the raw flours and we can do a taste/cost test between them!

So for me, I'm finding the back to school really tough, I'm fighting the thyroid energy levels, recovering from the throat lump which still hurts... followed with a week of illness, and then now the total exclusion diet for Oatie... lol!

Well we decided that we would give it one month and see how it goes...


  1. Hi Mel,
    Don't you just want things to be boring for a bit? Our lives are interesting, aren't they? Adam had been sick for a week (a rare event) and we leave for Montreal a week from today. Working frantically to keep him well. The new ABR techniques are definitely making a difference. He is increasingly more comfortable and we have modified his wheelchair too. I'm anxious to hear about your new dietary strategy - it's a good thing that you are a creative cook. Please take care of yourself too. . .
    Love, Sharon

  2. Oh Sharon I so would! I wish I could pay to have it boring just for a week, a rest of arghghgh would be nice lol! Maybe we should invent a BORING vacation, whereby you can be bored for a week what do you tihink.... you know where we could watch a fish tank....

    Ok, well maybe not but we could go for a Beach Vacation where we have sand under our hands than BALLS or Eggs.... we lie on a BENCH for a while... what do you think? And the only Velcro is on your flip flops.... (ABR machine wraps)

    My plate spinning is lopsided so far. Each time I just about get them all spinning something happens, well that did last school year but now 2 drop off rather than one!

    My friend kindly gave me her swimming snorkel never used,.... so I will try that for swimming soon.



    P.S hope your travel plans are going well. That is so exciting that you are seeing a change in Adam, I can only think it is him improving, getting more mobility and opening up more channels. I am so happy that you get to go soon xxx


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