Monday, September 12, 2011

La prematernelle Strkes back

I started to write this before school started on 3rd Sep and finished writing it today. Tempted to get a darth vader mask or borrow my 8 year olds and go in with Oatie on day one. And say "if you bully Oatie, I am darth vader" only kidding, but the thought of the whole prejudice revisited and the bullying and all that horrible stuff starting up AGAIN! is like, arghghghgh

More so as his beloved Aide, who was like an older brother to Oatie, lovely man, 27 and didn't have kids was just amazing with him and tought outside the box, this guy got my rebellious Oatie who was also being bully, stopped the bullying, got Oatie to enjoy art, sit down at story time, and taught him the alphabet and was just amazing with him... has gone home back to Quebec, understandably to be with his financeé

Well, his aid on Tuesday will be his second aide, the one who liked him but didn't get Oatie, but then by the end of the year,she was his regular aides fill in, said, the transformation of Oatie was just HUGE! so at least he'll have this lady there and the main two teacher are remaing the same. Like last time, it wasn't the school, it was the parents last time, and this time a lot of the good parents wont be there as their kids are now in Kindergarten. I still have a core 4 parents who will be allies so it should be better this time and obviously Oatie is maturer by a whole year on last year.

Oatie has the maturity of a 2 year old, but then his ability, how his thinks, level of understanding, counting and reading rivals an average 6 year old. Like he can paint with real watercolours, he sat there for I think an hour mixing the colours and painted with care and pride his picture that his brother drew for him.

Well no bullying so far during the first week so, so far, so good.

Well that was last Tuesday after Labour Day weekend. Oatie was so delighted to be back and yes, within 2 days of being back at school he was ill already. His CP means his lungs are really hit hard as of his cough reflex is immature... yep... I'm ill too! Oh well. Today was the first day that the pool was open.

Last year I had hoped to take Mr Oatie swimming on Wed's after preschool as I tend to park at the rec centre anyway, we're members so it doesn't cost anything but last year he was so sick. We had hoped that having a totally ill free Summer that he would have a better fall. His little swimming kit is all packed so the first day he's ok, I'm going to just take him for a swim. It's his favourite activity.

We went swimming almost EVERYDAY for 6 weeks in the Summer so it wasn't like he wasn't exposed to Germs, it's just at preschool he gets really sick.

well look at that! we were so proud of him, he actually COLOURED with a crayon! Well that was down to his sister who could colour all day long, sitting with him and teaching him to colour and to enjoy it.

Water spray park, (yes was a total waste of money) the council could have put it towards adding indoor slides or this. This is open from victoria day till it gets cold. So its only open 4 months of the year and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! Anyway Oatie loves the Yellow Water Bucket! we walk past it on our way back to the car

Here is Oatie enjoying the water bucket. We went from 30oC on Saturday to 9oC today!

Hopefully he'll be back at school tomorrow.


  1. Well, Mel, here's hoping and praying that Oatie has an absolutely wonderful year in school. All you guys need a break from the daily stresses in life to be able to simply enjoy. I hope the school does its proper job in providing great care and experience for many candles these day!!!

  2. sorry oatie is sick

    just a note for me , 20 years old now , i am farily imature dispite doing collage work


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