Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mmmm Soup....

Oatie, the sweetheart has been on his special "immune resting diet" for a week. I have to say that he hasn't been ill for a week either.....

I have asked my older two to help Oatie on his immunity quest... and be supportive of the new meals... and even if the food tastes disgusting even if it tastes like cardboard... not to express their dislike at the table they can come and tell me afterwards.

So our meal times on occasion have gone like this. Mum (me) puts interesting meal down on the table...The kids faces look like I have just served up a cooked shoe. Oatie, then takes a mouthful and screws his face up... like YUCK!

Oatie then looks at my daughter, who is grimacing and trying to smile at the same time,.. (a bit like in Bridget Jones when Bridget served BLUE string soup)... So my daughter goes mmmmmm yummy!, so Oatie takes another spoon, pulls the same face, quick fires a side glance at his big brother who is quite happily eating it (when Oatie is looking) and looks up and goes hmmmmm tastes LOVELY mum... at which point i'm trying not to burst with laughter... Oatie does the same with me and his dad. Oatie is trying to catch us out, he knows there is something up with the food... He/We eat it.... well the whole thing reminds me of Joey from a Friends episode when he was doing his soup commercial, the over acting of yumminess!

We didn't tell him that he's on a special diet... well he's a fussy eater to start with, and he will now eat something or drink something even if it tastes gross, if we do. In a few weeks ours and his taste buds will adapt.. (I hope). I am not serving up poison, we ate 95% from scratch anyway, all packed with veggies etc... so we have just gone the extra step. I do give the older two a treat in their lunch kit, something that Oatie can't eat on his quest... but they can, it must be hard for them and they have been doing a super job of encouraging Oatie to eat it and try new things.

Well actually since Sunday I've had the older two asking for his dodgey chocolate brownie now too.... and yesterday and today I was asked by my older two for a second helping and today they couldn't even tell that it was brown rice spaghetti...

I've been chucking OLIVE oil in the brownies, (Oatie isn't allowed Vegetable oils on his immunity quest) and weirdly enough I thought it would taste awful, but you can't taste it.

So tomorrow/friday I will be experimenting with Banana bread recipes and maybe some cookies which are diabetic friendly!

My oven makes the best Bread ever, but I think I indulge and buy a bread making machine so he can have some gluten free bread to eat too... so I might be able to reclaim some of our ABR time.

Oh and today we got in 2.5 hours of ABR.... there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day at the moment especially now with the dishwasher malfunctioning too! arrgghghg.


  1. I am so happy that I don't have to eat that stuff. When we took Adam off dairy, one of his favorite foods was yogurt (tasted good and slid down the throat without much effort.) Tried soy yogurt and that tasted terrible. Then, we found coconut milk yogurt...tasted great and no dairy. Also found coconut milk ice cream...big step up from soy ice cream. I wonder if this would be OK for Oatie as I really, really feel for him with the new diet and its restrictions. You can only make believe something tastes good for so long....All our love to you guys....

  2. I can just see you guys like in a Friends episode!!! Yuuummmm!!! And banana bread does sound good right now!


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