Friday, September 2, 2011

Adapting to Changes in your life

Well I had about 10 ideas for  blog posts this week but I think that you need some apple insurance for "Apple-itis" for using Touch screen based things that give your thumbs a strange RSI, combined with you son's kitten biting you in a nerve centre in your thumb and when going down for an operation a fabulous nurse sticking a line-needle into the bone in your thumb going ooops! hhhmmm

Yes the cost of not talking for 2 weeks did result in a mild apple-itis for me, which is why I have been quieter than usual!

Well, thank goodness for the keyboard an ergonomic ones at that!

Like I've said previously although I feel most welcome in our sphere :)  I do also feel like a fraud too.  Saying that, just when I think I have adapted to life with a non-walking (yet) person.... something else comes by and I feel like I fall on my butt all over again!

Like last week, I pushed Oatie around on his bike-trike and well now her can steer since going to the theme park, I put my roller blades on and skated behind him while he steered which meant we both had good fun.... especially when he did tight repetative circles!  He also knows his rights from lefts so that was great fun too.

Coming from the UK, I really don't think that the school busses are that safe without seatbelts.  I know that people band around that the busses are compartmentalised, but at the end of the day it's not, its cheap vinyl on cheap foam, so if they have a high speed impact, I can't really see anyone surviving (apart from the driver who gets a seat belt), it's so down to money,... buy no politician wants to say that do they!  When I challenged one, he said busses are perfectly safe with no seatbelts... so I said right well let's cut the drivers one then?  He was like, NO! the driver might get injured...!?!?!  So What about the kids? are they disposible?  I don't mind them driving around town, but when they go on the highway with no seatbelts at 100km per hour or 60m.p.h I think it's wrong.  So mine have never really ridden the school bus before, my son's previous school (same province) only used busses with seatbelts. 

Both of mine started at a new school in the fall, which the disabled parking is even worse than it was previously so I have to push Oatie in the snow or carry him it's a total nightmare.  So I have relented and taken the fact that even though the buses with no seatbelts are not really safe, they also don't have very many collisions either.  So my older two are now riding the bus and I have to say, they absolutely LOVE it!  The driver is amazing, he's just such a nice bloke, loves driving the kids, takes pride in his driving and just loves his job... so the older two are now bussing in the mornings so then it's just trudging across the one field to get Oatie into his school rather than spending 30 minutes getting my older two into school and then another 30 minutes with Oatie.  YEP you guessed it, do they shovel the sidewalks/pavements in Winter?  NO!  This way 3 days a week they will get the bus home too and that way I can get my ABR hours back in as the school run was taking 1.5 hours each way at least!

So our ABR hours have been up this week!  Hooray!


  1. I love this picture of Oatie!! By the way, Mel, you are not a fraud. You are one of the most genuine human beings I know - sensitive to others, etc. Oatie can't skate - you work on him almost every day. He has cerebral palsy and you are not denying the implications - you embrace them and you work hard as mother/therapist. I'm grateful that you are part of my community!

  2. I'm with Sharon. And I love to hate school busses. I'm with you on the seatbelt thing. I've never understood it. Never will.

    And YaY on things going so well!


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