Friday, August 26, 2011

Theme Park - a Day to remember forever

I think we had the nicest family day out in absolute YEARS. We decided to surprise the kids with a trip to the only Theme park in Western Canada. We told the kids that we were going shopping to the mall in the North of Town and it wasnt' till we went through the park gates did their mouths drop open. We have lived here for 3 years but we were lucky to go to Disneyland Paris the year that we moved and then last year we combined ABR in California with an extended trip around Disneyland for a joint birthday treat.

We got there shortly after the park opened and headed straight for the washroom lol! They spotted the kids Dodgems first and Oatie was 2 inches clear of being able to go on more of the bigger rides. The rides were colour coded so you could see at a glance who could and couldn't go on which ride which was neat.

So the went on the Dogems first, and Oatie managed to drive the car a bit and then got stuck for the remainder of the ride. So I have noticed that if you revisit something that he has got stuck on a little while later then he's had time for his brain to work it out. As he had to push the pedal with his feet and was independent driving something he has never done before. We went on the log flume and yes we demonstrated our Englishness... it was a hot 25'C blue skies and there i am pulling out our waterproof jackets. Well if you have ever been around Thorpe park in England and wearing jeans, (5 huge WATER rides if not more) you never go to a theme park ever again without them! It was nice we still got wet but just not saturated. Then we went on some trains, had a lovely lunch wattched the princess show, some more car rides, spiny ones, swinging boats, my husband and my older two went on the biggest ride the roller coaster and Oatie and i went on springy cars and hot air balloon ride (mini ferris wheel) we had delicious mini donuts for snack and then we went on a few more rides before I came across BLUE, yes BLUE candy floss (cotton candy) and it was just amazing in England with the humidity it's stickier and not as fluffy, but this was just amazing. Went on a few more rides before we headed back to the dodgems and this time Oatie got the hang of it, and got stuck and managed to steer out of the jam or wall and had the most beautiful manners, he said excuse me each time he bumped someone... he did so well, that we requeued and did it one last time where he drove around just like my other two and he also rode a few rides without me or my husband as we were too big and his brother and sister had their arm around him and you could just see that he grew, during the day. For the last ride we insanely headed back to the log flume and got we one for the road.

It was so nice to be able to go to a place where by disability was by the wayside and we got to all have a fun filled day out.


  1. Hello, we are Mexicans, Ale has 3 months with ABR, greetings!


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