Monday, August 15, 2011

Fell of the wagon

Well I think I spent more time on the title than on the actual post lol!  Well I kind of fell off the wagon with my ABR since the operation.  I still can't swim more than 50metres without a tugging feeling in my throat (used to swim 2000metres before the operation 5 times a week).  And my ABR hours fell off the radar (it used to hurt to do ABR well even wear a round necked top).... and I found it really hard to get back in to my ABR routine, especially during the holidays. Well there was one very special family that got me back on track :), who are really special friends over at Healing, Empowering and Thriving, I wouldn't have got going again without them.  The ABR trainer was also lovely, he broke our routine down to baby step to get us going again.  Well we have got our hours back up to 2.5-3 hours a day.  The challenge is that you have to use both hands obviously and having your 8 and 6 year old at home during the day too has been inventive to keep them occupied while my hands are occupied if you know what I mean.  I'm finally getting the hang of it with 1.5 weeks left!!!

We have taken the kids swimming almost every day and finally got my eldest to swim 20m and my daughter 15m.  Their goal each is to swim 25m by the end of the holidays.

Well on a side note, I have to say that I absolutely HATE it when I see other families with their1-2 year old COMPLAINING that they can walk or they can RUN. "Oh I can't STAND that X can walk, I'm always RUNNING after them" arghgghghghghghgh In fact I think I always have!  My daughter didn't walk till she was 2 and I found that restrictive back then, couldn't put her down on the floor (rains a lot in England) and she wouldn't/refused to stand up (I found out that she didn't want to get her pink shoes dirty).  4 years with Oatie now.  I think from being such an outdoorsy person that I find that the hardest.  There are some amazing adaptive gear out there now.... look at Everyone Outdoors.  It's because it's so expensive like a 4 year olds bike is $100-150 for Oatie it would be at least $800 and when they need a new bike it's another $800+ so somethings we will just have to wait :)

Well sorry if there are bits missing in my sentences my keyboard is cutting out every 8 seconds! 


  1. Progress is so slow after surgery. IT WILL GET BETTER. My sister had a brain tumor removed and she's saying the same thing. I keep telling her to look at all the progress she's made and to take baby steps. It's hard to do, I know. Anyway I'm rambling now, but take care and I'm glad you're giving it a go!

  2. Yeah Mel!!!! The entire Dzialo household is cheering for you (even the chihuahua and the poochon) You are the master juggler - and, when the kids have returned to school (shortly) you can relax a bit and heal, heal, and heal. The summer has gone by so swiftly - Adam is beginning to sit more comfortably - yeah egg-rolling!!
    Love, Sharon


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