Monday, August 8, 2011

Why is everything excluding!

Well... we have found that the Nintendo Wii is a platform that they can all play together, have fun and it's not desk bound like the computer so it works well... Oatie can sit on the beanbags just as well as my older two... so it's a nice equalizer...

We usually play Mario kart as it's challenging for each who play and everyone get something different out of it. Anyway the Easter Bunny did bring Mario the Olympics for Easter this year and we never opened it... my belief was that we were totally SICK and TIRED of snow and couldn't face seeing another vision of it on the TV either!

Well now it's 25-30oC outside, we're all quite happy to cool off and play it....

Well it was just something that I noticed. Mario Kart the last player doesn't have to finish it, for the game to move on... it will just end it when the 11th player finishes,,, 8 out of the 12 is the computer playing.... The Olympics Mario, not the case....

Oatie can't make it around a course of Mario, he know's he can't but he's quite happy picking his character, team and kart and joining in and having fun. He is getting better, he knows that the blocks have special things etc... and just loves it.

As you know that Oatie's dream is to skate.... the Winter had the figure skating, naturally my son creamed me... on ice and land with figure skating... he got his jumps to perfection and well my Mii wobbled on it's landing... lol! i was chuffed that I could look good skating somewhere even if it was pretend lol!

Oatie's face BEAMED on the figure skating as it skates around and finishes after a set time, so if you manage a jump you manage a jump etc...

So, why oh why doesn't the Wii have an option to select a player to finish after a set time or say that they have "special needs/co-ordination" mode... as well not just Oatie what about people with balance problems or all sorts... I can't believe that a device like that doesn't think that people who are physically challenged for whatever reason doesn't want to play too.

So our stop gap for that is that they quit the game and move on, that Way Oatie thinks it just finished (like Mario Kart) as if either my son or daughter try to finish his characters lap for him, he gets very angry.... like the cats have their paws over their ears ANGRY! "No I do it!!! and then a high pitched window shattering SCREAM"


  1. It would be great if big, rich companies made their video game products adaptable to the needs of kids and adults with disabilities. I guess there simply is no financial incentive...You can buy a regular bike for 150.00$ and a special needs adapted one for 7000.00$. It's sadly all about stinking corporate profits. Hope that Oatie drives the Mario kart into the Nintendo building, by mistake of course!

  2. Dear Phil,

    I think he has hit the Nintendo building a few times lol! It's like the Olympics edition (in honour of the Vancouver Winter Olympics) why not have Special Olympics too...

    I know what you mean about the bikes (sigh).



  3. Sometimes virtual reality is OK too.


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