Monday, August 22, 2011

One week left of the holidays....

I have to say that I have really enjoyed the Summer holidays on the whole.  The kids had a great time at Skate Camp, we got two of them swimming and I have been making a figure skating dress for my daughter who is skating to a piece from the Nutcracker.

I love the holidays, the older two have like an ironman training during Skate camp, it starts up on the last week of school... they are on the ice for 3.5 hours a day, Monday to Friday, Run and bike outside, Swim, yoga, skate, dance for 3.5 weeks, they do group dances with the whole club from Senior skaters down to the junior skaters, the older ones team up with the little ones and the kids totally love it, with their friends who range from my daughters Age of 6 to 16.  After that, for the next 5 weeks, they just chil.

Oatie has got out on his bike a lot more and this tricycle is very basic, my eldest had it when he was 1.  The pedals are really hard to push, and Oatie actually managed two pushes.  I hope this April when the CP bike clinic is open that the cost of a special bike for him isn't out of our reach as I think this year he might be ready for a real bike.

The holidays are a time when the kids can rest emotionally, I think, there is no bullying or stress or illness, no one has been ill once.  Next week two of mine are starting a new school together.  Oatie is returning to where he started last year, but his amazing fantastic aide moved back East so I hope we don't have what we had last year.

Tomorrow we're surprising the kids with a trip to a mini theme park to enjoy most of the rides you have to be 36inches in height and phew Oatie cleared that, we're not telling them till we get there.

I decided to take the week off ABR, as next week is going to be crazy so I thought might as well have one more week of just enjoying the kids as I know it's cliché, but they are growing up so fast.


  1. Well one week left...wouldn't it be great if life were one continual long holiday! I am always amazed and happy at the progress that you describe Oatie is making..keep it up; you guys are in our thoughts. Warm regards...

  2. Hope your throat is fine and you've got the regular bundle of energy. Enjoy the last week.


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