Monday, August 1, 2011

Long Weekend

We've had a really nice long weekend. We've taken the kids for an ice Skate and Swim on the Friday & Saturday

Then we went for a Starbucks to cool down...

We watched Star Wars, had a water balloon "fight" that was just so much fun... Oatie was in the middle of it just squirting everyone! That was just so much fun.... Followed by a BBQ. Lots of bike riding. My eldest has outgrown his bike and we said that he could have a bigger bike if he managed to come around the estate with me. So he cycled a 4km circuit around two blocks of our neighboring acreages.

We've played the Wii, baked banana bread, re-organized the kitchen and even got some ABR in too! Played some board games to get out the heat...


  1. Is that my favorite boy, Oatie, sipping on an expresso?

  2. Hi AZ, hope you're well xxx

    Phil, I think he would like an expresso (hop faster) ! Lol! It was a chocolate Frappuccino! The boys like the chocolate where as my pink girl likes the strawberry one. I don't know if have had one, Starbucks will kill me for dying this from TM Frappuccino but it's like a thick milkshake xxx

  3. hi Mel, sounds like you had a fun time with the kids. We did too up at our cottage and even a trip to wonderland that was fun and a little crazy way too many people for me.


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