Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who loves Walmart...?

Well, I vowed that I wouldn't' shop in Walmart... (before the recession lol) this was when I lived in England and Walmart had just acquired ASDA. British Satellite had broadcast a programme on how Walmart treats its suppliers which was an eyeopener... It was at the same time when the BBC did a reality documentary on India, called "Blood Sweat and T'shirts".

It raised the whole controversy over buying something made in a a country where the workers are being taking advantage of, and they know it to boycotting the whole Outfit, lol, an unintented pun. The Walmart one showed people living in cell block style cells but no locks where they worked in the factory and had no actual toilet... the credabilitity of the footage... who knows? The blood Sweat and T'shirts... well these teenagers from the UK had to work in the sweatshop.... and live as the locals did... and their conclusion was, please keep buying the t'shirts even though it's unfair conditions as without the big contracts.... they would starve... And look for fairtrade garments, and use that as your voting with feet.....

Well today I was in the wonderful Walmart... still and Oatie an I were in there shopping... it was one of those days when you look for something and it's been moved and you just can't find it... so we were in there for an hour... I never get to browse these days as all my spare time I'm rolling JJ.... but today we spalshed out on time... while the other two were dancing we swung by, it was nice to browse. Well I mention the whole Walmart thing as a year ago, Oatie would scream being in there, a high pitched one... and HATE it... and today he didn't and was actually making out letters and numbers which was nice, and he helped me look for things.... I was getting a few travel essentials as tomorrow we leave for Montreal for Oatie's next session.

We've bought the app, and now considering whether to buy the 3000 French vocab images.... to upload to the ipad... as that would save the school teacher and his aide hours and hours of time. The only thing is that they are in Gif format and apparently not Ipad compaitble... but I'm sure I could open and resave them as Jpegs.... do I want to do that for 3000 images.....hmmmmmmm.

Other than that it's now like Summer, you cannot wear a coat even if you wanted too... it's a dry 18oC....

I was explaining to the kids that Beef comes from Cows... and now each time JJ sees a cow in the field he's like.... "YUMMY BURGER!!!!! Cow EAT burger?" I'm like.... "no.... their meat makes burgers..." "YUMMY COW... YUMMY BURGER!!!!" You can tell he's from Alberta.... lol!

My beaver loved the Taco's that we had at camp, so I thought that we'd have some fajitas tonight... he's so excited. Well had better go and eat our fajitas (yes they are beef...!)

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