Friday, May 20, 2011

The Sun always shines...

Don't you think? I know that life can be not pleasant at times.... and with one of my friends banding today is the end of the world.... and well, I don't agree, (not entering a religious debate here) I just mean that the Sun always shines... My birthday is in June and my mum always did a Garden party as she knew the weather would be awful a wet English Summer but the sun would come out on my Birthday and it always has... I can't recollect when it's rained on it and that's no mean feat in England!

So yesterday I have an 8 year old, he suddenly seems more mature, like 8 means big kid to him too. But he let me kiss him in the school corridor today and invited me to sit and chat with him after I volunteered with lego club and he gave me a tour of the school cafe microwave... He gets frustrated with me as I won't let him microwave in plastic at all...

The Cake I made was a last minute adventure... the day we flew to Montreal, suddenly at lunch I thought I've baked his party cake (not iced yet) but I haven't done his actual one for his actual day.... So on the day of our trip, I baked and iced a cake... It was a quick one and I made and coloured the icing from scratch and iced the whole thing in 52minutes... which included painting the ice cream cones (lightsaber handles). I washed the icing nozzles up just before we left for the airport lol!

Luke (my eldest) had a great day, they had a posh volunteer tea after lunch till the end of school, where the Grade 12's served us Tea and Cake, so it was nice to dress up, we had a nice dinner and enjoyed opening the presents and cake and watched a movie together.

Well, yesterday we had torrential rain and the weather forecasters (I don't envy their job - they'd have a better chance of throwing sand in the air and catching it to predict the weather than looking at the charts... mountain weather is so unpredictable as you know). They predicted a wet bank holiday weekend, and today it was damp and overcast this morning, but after my swim.. I fancied a run but outside looked awful.. I stepped out, put on two wooly hats (Toques) and two zippy fleeces and started around the track... and the sun came out, after 800M the fleeces were off (I kept the hats on as my hair was damp from swimming) lol! so I looked like I was about to do a bank job! the out door track is run down, but it's run able and it's 200metres from Oatie's and my daughters school. So I can get an extra mile in if I run outside which is great, also great priming for the half marathon if I do it next weekend... I am so tempted... just to run it... just for fun...

Oatie has been great, his vocab has been gaining confidence as have his sentences and he has been chatting about more abstract things... he can now get down and up from his table chair..... which was unbelievable really...

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  1. Hi Mel - Love that cake - never did bake for my kids. I was the mother who would buy baked goods and then transfer them from the box onto an ornate plate so they looked like they had been homebaked!! We just received those "eggs" and now I don't know what to do with them or where to roll them. Want to give me a few pointers? (as in "eggersizer eggs" for ABR).
    Thanks, Love - Sharon

  2. I was awful at baking and icing cakes till 2 Summers ago I went on one of those cake courses... it was something that I had always wanted to do, and if I can do it, anyone can.

    Hope the 'eggs' are going well xxx


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