Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunny sunny sunny Montreal

We had a great flight to the point that my eldest didn't even wake when we touched down... The flight deck were lovely, they let the kids go in the cockpit... Oatie said you fly the plane? was priceless... and they all got a pen each... which Oatie held on the entire the plane in the car, fell asleep at breakfast still holding it...

My Beaver Scouts held up to their promise today... we saw a lady struggling pushing a stroller and a luggage cart... (I have fond memories of that...hmmmm) until....) when a lovely off duty soldier on our first trip to Montreal, who helped me off the plane... and to the taxi rank.

So today, Oatie, my eldest, my daughter and I helped the lady to the bus stop. My daughter pushed this lady's baby, and my Eldest read the signs... Oatie was chatting to the baby and then we had the barrage of questions... "Why did we help her?... Why did no one else help her.... Why are the baggage carts so baby/handicapped unfriendly...? etc..."

Part of the Beaver Promise "I promise to love God and help take care of the world"

So everyone had a nice nap and slept through the maintenance guys ripping out a fridge in our room to replace it...

So we're off for a quick essentials shop and out for dinner.

Oatie has named our hire car... Scooby and predicted that the car would be black, which it was... 


  1. Sounds like your having so much fun enjoy Montreal what a great city!

  2. I hope the Montreal experience is the BEST!!!

  3. Dear Sherry & Phil

    Thank you so much, training is going great and the next tools are so exciting and i'm really looking forward to getting home and starting on them.. I must admit i do get a bit sentimental with some of the exercises... and will discuss Oatie's phlegm contingency plan.... for ABR like an "illness set".

    So looking forward to tomorrow's training... my technique is being "tested" I always get a tad shy... lol!

    Sherry, the Otterbox is now out the defender series but only in black... and if you order direct you get a free Screen protecector that I've hear other ones are banded around for $40 CAD....




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