Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Three and Basilique Notre-Dame De Montréal

Today was day 3/3 of our training. We got stuck into our manual exercises today and we got the 4th "channel" for our ABR Machine. Which means that we can do one more area on Oatie when he sleeps.

I have three exercises on his head/neck which are called Manual. I have one submerged ball rolling on his head the photo was posted yesterday. Submerged

Then we have the mid back and the ribs of intensive rolling.

We finished the morning by looking at the future tool of working with Egg's and also were given the bladder for Oatie's hips.

So we have 2 machine set ups... Front and Back of Chest, front and back of abdomen... OR.... Front and Back of Chest and the hips....

The difference we noticed this time was one multi useful platform.. two balls... one of which we already have.

We also have a contingency plan for Oatie's frequent colds... and have a priority of which lower half ones to do.

The familes that we trained with one we met last fall and one was a new family which was nice.

Inside Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal
This afternoon we went to the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal... we had our guided tour, my daughter wanted the French tour... and the rest of us wanted the English tour... after tour we took a nice stroll around the olde town, and had a stop in a cafe before heading back to our hotel.

The kids are persuading us for a swim and then we're going to our favourite indian restaurant in Canada so far.

'China Town - Montreal'
Huge Bridge
Our parking space by the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal
Oatie's Mum thought orange road markings interesting
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