Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Muggy Wednesday.. and no I'm not complaining.... I wouldn't do that!!!

Well today is MUGGY and it reminds me of the UK or (Montreal!!), it was gorgeous and sunny and Muggy!!! My friend and I did a 10k (6 miles) run it could have been a bit further but the Nike GPS had "interferrence" from what I know not... as we were outside... but we did the same route as last week but added another mile and we felt it running up this crazy hill at the end.

I'm thinking of being crazy, and running a half marathon in 8 days time with no more than 10km of the 23km under my belt. But saying that I ran 4 halfs in 12 weeks (no injury) with 2 weeks training (the first was on a dare) the next three one good friend moved 4 hours away so we decided that we could chinwag for 2-3 hours, while we ran ... (and we did, we have a classic photo of a lapped half marathon when the photographer shouted at us, you girls still chatting and we're like YEAH! and he snapped a photo of us laughing, it's still on my piano today, and I love it!) and ran this same one that I'm contemplating on running 3 days after landing in Canada, when we moved country! I'm on the mindset, and I don't care if I come last and I don't care if I have to pull out half way round... I just fancy doing it.

Oatie Climbed in to the CAR today, he needed a little bit of help... but not much. We were just about to start getting our Bench organised for our new exercises when..... The FedEx girl arrived. (OMG have you seen their uniform.... her socks were very special!!! it was like something out of St Trinians.... or Halloween... well that aside, Oatie opened our front door, I'm not sure what she thought of our little man opening the door, especially with his cheerful greeting and gorgeous manners...

Well inside, was his OTTERBOX cover!!! He saw it and shouted " my IPAD YEAH!!!! My Magic Pad YEAH!!! My Ipad is HERE!!!! YEAH!!! I waiting for Ipad YEAH" it was spontaneous and priceless and more to the point, I LOVED how he just saw the OtterBox Brand or the yellow or whatever visual cue it was and he knew that he was waiting for the otterbox to use his ipad....

Well he was straight on there playing with the Xylophone, and then he was spelling words with a match the letter game and my favourite was 24 card memory... (12 pairs) he did that and I have to say I made him do it again thinking it was some weird fluke... what I think I'm going to gain from the ipad is, I know he's very very bright... but I think I'm going to see how actually bright he is.... Well in someways it's almost a "crime" someone that bright being 'trapped' in a body that won't comply with his heart... and then you have some thug, who has perfect bio-mechanics... and (well to me that's wasted...) I'm sure what I've said is totally politically incorrect.. but hey ho... this time 8 years ago I was battling people who claimed that I was't giving birth and 10 seconds later my eldest was born! But if you look at the upside... it's people like Oatie who with that level of drive, push the boundaries and push for advancements and it's those people who can and have the potential to make a difference, I suppose I see my role as facilitating/letting him reach the full potential that he can be...

So tonight is Birthday Eve,... in the UK it would have already been the time of my eldest's birth... so we sang him an early happy birthday.. which he loved as it was to the minute... (don't get me started on leap years and the quarter day!). So my son who was born at 32 weeks, will be officially 8 in Canadian time in a few hours... 8! 8! 8!, I'm going to be cliché but it has flown, I remember holding this 3lb14oz premmie in my hand literally... and taking so so so long to change his diaper/nappy that i'd either get soaked or have to change it again, as he was so fragile and delicate and with all the monitors on him, it was like a puzzle to change him...


  1. oops, looks like my tags have been corrupted in the whole Blogger Boob from last week! lol!

  2. Love those baby photos what a cutie! 32 weeks must have been scary I can't image. I ordered an otterbox cover too. Glad you got yours I'm waiting on Ashley's iPad still can't believe she won. I love all the running you do. I ran track and cross country all through school even university but since having kids haven't fit it in. I know that's not a good excuse too. Enjoy that birthday!!! Post a picture of your cake loved your last one.

  3. It was a bit interesting, I was over at my parent in-laws... just stood up to drink a cup of tea and my waters broke... and my mother in law was so calm and fantastic... anyway there I was thinking OMG, (first child and what now! lol!) well after being told he'll stay in for the next 8 weeks, 4 hours later I became a mum! lol!

    I always wanted one of those jogging strollers...

    It's a shame that the otterbox is only available in Black,... but at least it's easy to keep clean :)




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