Monday, December 20, 2010

Tears in the ski shop

Today we took the kids to the ski shop. Our goal is to take Oatie skiing when he's five as he'll need adaptive gear which is very expensive. It dawned on me that we'd need to have our older two be able to stop and turn safely before Oaties dad or I ski with Oatie. I'm glad we're good skiers so when the time comes that bit is taped. Anyway the poor love cried so much in the ski shop. Oaties helmet. Oaties Skis oatie's boots. As usual you got the looks of Oatie being a spoilt brat where he was actually just mourning with tears for his handicap which I know he HATES, it's like I knew what he'd ask Santa for or his birthday wish, it wouldn't be a toy game or gadget, it would to be as able as his brother and sister.


  1. It simply breaks my should not have to feel things that adults can't even deal with.

  2. I agree, I didn't realize how much it broke mine yesterday, as today, I should have bought some shares in Kleenex....


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