Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My first day back at school

Yesterday, I stood up in open space un-aided, I haven't done that since the Summer.  I wanted to go and stroke Crystal my brothers cat.  Mum said I stood up so much easier and... I didn't wobble, while I took steps towards Crystal I was chatting away.... something I don't usually do as I used to have to concentrate on every single step and my balance and yesterday it was like I didn't have to think about walking or taking steps, I just DID.

Well.... today was my first day back at preschool.... and my teacher shouted at my mum, regard..... regard... regard, so my mum peeked around the door and saw me with my lunch kit in my hand... chatting away walking unaided out of the classroom door.

I haven't improved my distance, but my core stability, and I am so much more sturdier and I could chat, hold a weighed bag and walk.... A very close supportive family friend whom I call my uncle, who saw me walk out of the class, was so happy and proud he gave me a huge kiss on my head and told me he was so proud, which made my day!

3 more days of school skating and I get my manual ABR back.... I've been bereft without it... at least I get my buzz bench (Machine ABR), but tomorrow I should get a few hours of manual in.

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