Friday, December 10, 2010

One more day of reduced bench hours

Today, we did  35 minutes of Manual ABR, one more day of reduced hours...  Today we played "What's that" lots, and Oatie turned it around so he would want to be teaching me the names of things, it was very cute... he also does an Eddie Murphy-ism, when he says something funny and ends it with a Yes, and it's hilarious.  Oatie's standing was super again today and his core seems to be so much stronger.  Oaties dad noticed that the leg with the cramp is lessening and, when asked to flex his foot it went straight up rather that the hesitation.

1 comment:

  1. I think that Oatie's progress is nothing short of fantastic especially his standing. I'll always remember the comparison files you shared with is Montreal a little while ago...the changes are rapid and he'll go the whole way.
    One thing and you may already do it is to add a bit of magnesium to Oatie's diet. Foods are severely lacking in magnesium because of a depletion in soil, it's a key element in reducing spasticity, muscular stiffness and cramping, especially in the legs. Warmest wishes!


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