Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowy Wednesday...

Yesterday Oatie's dad said how when the snow on our shed gets to one inch it will snow, and well it did!  I think our shed has to be kept secret or the weather people might be out of work as his theory has been proven over 2.5 years.... YES!!! We have been in our new country for 2.5 years yesterday.... how exciting, I think we're going to make a special meal and pudding to celebrate tonight.

Oatie and his brother had a nice bath together, his brother asked if he could wash him and Oatie confessed his brother only washed his tummy!  When Oatie's brother is at home, Oatie when not on his bench is his constant shadow. and being 4 years apart sometimes has his challenges for both boys.  Oatie's brother likes play in the bath with Oatie as it's a place where Oatie's impairment isn't paramount, so they can again just play and be kids with out all the physical limitations.

Oatie and I are about to commence on our ABR Bench session but the boys are hanging up Oatie's brother's clothes and I can hear Oatie, say Tidy up now in a menacing way to his brother and then laughing!

This holiday Oatie's brother and sister have decided to see if they can teach Oatie to read, he can pick out numbers and letters and occasionally without any pictorial cue knows what something says... which as you can't ask him and get a straight answer you wonder if he read it or if it was by chance.

One of my pet hates, is when people talk about Oatie or ask a question about him to ME instead of him,  right in front of him while he's awake and it would be an answer a child of that age would answer for themselves.  I just say, why don't you ask him yourself?I suppose the annoying bit is another time they have a question they do the whole bypass thing, like he's not a person and I really don't like that, OK his speech isn't a coherent as an average person, but he isn't an average person, I think he's extraordinarily intelligent but just trapped, and just as gifted as his brother or sister or if not more as he tries sooooo much harder than they do. 

The brotherly bond is deteriorating into a battle of wills and even though Oatie isn't articulating as well as his brother he's holding his own in their verbal argument, even if it's no no no no no which is annoying his brother to bits as he can't get a word in edge-ways and as he does Oatie laughs and goes back to no no no no....  I think it's time for Bench!

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