Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Gingerbread is still standing

Today we're about to start our Manual ABR, Oatie, goes to the DVD rack and picks his bench entertainment.  The Gingerbread house is still standing, the problem is that it is YUMMY and addictive!  as Oatie's brother and I counted out our whole family in gingerbread people, make some trees and an angel, stepping stones etc, after they were baked but before the house assembly, we kind of had a few extra gingerbread people which we shared out and ate, unfortunately Oatie ate Oatie, Oatie ended up in the eating pile, so Oatie became a teddy bear.  Well!  we had to make sure sure the gingerbread was OK after all it was a new recipe.  We're switching to N.American recipes as our European ones don't as well here, the ingredients are different, different altitude and humidity, which is nice as we're applying our knowledge to a new experience or method... Where am I going with this, well baking a cake or making bread or cookies is a scientific experiment each and every time, and it could come out different each time you make it just to one uncontrollable or controllable variable, but it still tastes ok or sometimes better.  ABR to me is science, logical, sensible science, what I also like about it, is that you feel like you are actually doing SOMETHING to help your child, rather than being passive as just waiting for the "miracle".  The thing is, as the ABR administrator so to speak, sometimes you as a person have leg aches, or arm aches or don't feel 100%, but the thing that always rings clear (I remember the trainers saying about a 3rd party rolling your child at school, may not be as good as perfect technique ABR, but better than not at all) to me is that even if your technique isn't on par that day, it's better than not doing ABR at all, a bit like your cake.

Well my top tips for rolling for me, are, We inherited a lovely thick carpet and thick underlay in our den, which our bench sits on, I'm by a huge window, so I get beautiful scenery of our yard we're on an acreage, I have my i phone with ear buds so when you've seen Dora for the millionth time.... you can tune it out and.... I have my Sketcher shoes, they are the banana shaped soles on them, and so amazing for rolling in.  We do 90% of our ABR standing up, or where possible, mainly as a result of a previous back injury.  Keeping fit, I find the fitter I become the easier it is me for our Daily ABR marathon.

I think we might take Christmas day off, for sure, but Oatie misses his bench.  He's still having 10-14 hours at night on his machine too.

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