Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday Triathlon... ice Skating, Swimming and Bike riding...

Sunday we had a very fun packed day... the Oatie wanted to go Ice skating, then the kids wanted to go swimming and then bike riding... Oh and we slipped in a quick hair cut all round... cupcakes for my eldest's class party the next day... a BBQ and later on hot chocolate and fire pit toasted marshmallows...

The ice skating made me tear up a bit as one of my older two's figure skating friends was out there and he really likes Oatie. This boy is an only child and has a special bond with Oatie.

So there was Oatie, wearing my eldest's hot-pink ice skating carnival top... with 3 really good figure skaters for their ages all fussing around him and my husband too. It was super cute and it was the first time Oatie has ever had a friend on the ice before (apart from his family...)

After that we had to dive to WALMART of all places, to collect some photos for the kids to take into school for Father's day projects... we bought some flip-flops for the swimming pool too.... then we went swimming. When we got home we played inside a bit and had a snack...before heading out on the bikes which is always great fun, followed by the BBQ and then hot chocolate and marshmallows... oh and we squeezed in 30 minutes of one of our favourite family films too.

We had a great day, but I have to admit I was pretty tired by the end!

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