Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adaptive Bike, Adaptive skating oh and the School Buses with no Seatbelts Take II

I rest my case, if you really really want to kill a conversation, or get rid of people... don't eat baked beans... just talk about school buses with no seatbelts!

So many things have gone on, I can't blog fast enough.

Well it's a few months wait for the school bus safe wheelchair and his new walker.

Oatie has been busy getting Bike fit for his 1km bike ride... he's almost raised $1000 for his bike ride, which is AMAZING!

We went skating, I can't find the photo of him from Sunday, so here is another one from a few weeks back. He asked to go ice Skating so we took him. He had a great time as usual.

Oatie's dad has taken a different job so he's working full time in town, so Oatie has been going to the Gym Creche which had no problem taking Oatie in... well it was nice as one of the ladies is also his ice skating instructor from the fall so he LOVES seeing this lady.

She was very impressed that he likes to skate out of season too.

My throat lump doesn't hurt anymore when I swim... it's almost taken a whole year for the post surgery pain to go... but at least it's gone. I can't talk over loud noise or shout... and i have to really look after my voice, but at least I have one!

Oatie has been enjoying playing a bug game where you hold a mini fishing rod style stick with a spider+ magnet and you have to catch the bugs of a vibrating platform. he manages to get them all and has a great time playing it.

He's been keeping his potty training up too. The ear muffs stopped the painful ears with hockey pucks...

Today he drew me a drawing on his sketcher...

Oatie erased it so he re drew it in one minute flat... but it was a great drawing of mountains and a river... he said he's missing skiing.

Oh and the bus... WELL... my elder two and many other kids if not all of them in the bus were thrown from their seats into the seat in front. At first I thought this happened at 100km per hour.... or something as they said that they got hurt.

It was the level of hurt that Safety Council Canada and Canada Transport say that they kids should feel at 100km speeds...

Well, the driver went to pull out of a junction from standstill, and then saw a car that was in his blind spot so stopped suddenly. The bus hadn't even got any speed nor did it even get above 10km/h!

So the kids got hurt at 6m.p.h, yep I run faster than that! The bus companies still even now saying that the bus is compartmentalised and safe... well 2 of my children got hurt HITTING THE COMPARTMENT that is meant to be so safe... and they figure skate so they are not adverse to pain... and they said that it HURT!

So what the heck would happen to them at 100km/h? No one in Canada cares... the other parents (conversation stoppers, all say well in our day... blah blah... and I was like in your day there was like 5,000 people in the town, which has now grown to 30,000+ people... so quite a different place from when they grew up.... The Bus company doesn't care, and why should they when on one of the Government websites having 3 deaths/very serious injuries is a OK statistic for them.

Oh and the statistics that they keep on throwing at me are totally FLAWED! like totally... they are not current, they have no method that I know of reporting minor incidents on the bus, they don't collect data either so where are they getting these numbers from. This is the second minor incident in 8 months, the last one one kid got a cut head from being flung from his seat.... so 2 instances on my kids route and both times the kid/kids were propelled from their seats!

My favourite line of their argument is that in the event of a fire or a bus rollover... that the kids are hindered by the seat belt! Well if you are thrown around the bus in that event you're most likely to be DEAD or unconscious.... so what's better someone alive or a dead easy to move body? You also get quoted that they won't be able to undo the seatbelt by pressing the button... well that's hogwash! Even OATIE can undo his seatbelt and he's got CP in his hand! SO if a handicapped kid can undo a seatbelt, surely these other kids can undo their seatbelt in the event of an emergency...

I think yesterday was a warning, and that a second instance on our route of kids being propelled from their seat and the driver did nothing wrong, the driver should be able to make a judgement call whether to pull out or not without having to think about kids flying around the bus....

Why can't they compromise...the kids who's buses go on the highway get the seat belts and the ones who cruise around town and don't go above 30m.p.h/50km/h don't have one as the bus wouldn't really even get close to that.

so speaking of busses, Oatie was meant to go on his first ride on Wednesday coming... but he CAN'T as get this.... (he would need his Wheelchair with a seatbelt, to be in the bus and secured...)... well he doesn't have one yet... so they said that I could ride with him and when the drop the parents off, I would have to stay with him and I was like what's the point.... he want's to be treated like everyone else, he doesn't want to be sitting on my lap like a baby... so we've declined... for now... The bus company couldn't find 1 wheelchair for him to borrow for 20 minutes... so he can't go unaided.

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