Sunday, May 6, 2012

Niagara Falls

So the next day we went to Niagara Falls, it was out of season, and rather BRISK i'd say, but there were no queues.... quite a long walk for someone in a walker, but Oatie REFUSED to go in his wheels! The staff were all pleasant and it was all wheelchair friendly aboard the Maid of the Mist.

The last time I went on it was when I was 12/13 I think? It was my 4th Visit to the Falls as we used to visit my mums elder sister in Toronto every year or so when I was little. SO it was nice to take my kidlets on and see their faces and wonder if mine was like theirs in total AWE of something so natural and raw power and beauty.
Oatie on the Maid of the Mist... other people wanted to borrow it as we were all not very steady on our feet! He stood up for the entire thing.

The only thing is that if you're in a wheelchair it would be very hard to get up to the top deck to see anything... so you'd have to be lifted up the stairs... Luckily Oatie is not that big.... yet!

Another boat company is taking on the falls boat ride next year, i wonder if it will be more wheelchair accessible?
We have a photo of him smiling but I think it's on my husbands phone... I couldn't see when I took this photo from all the mist!
After the Boat Ride...

We then went to Boston Pizza... DO NOT GO! unless you want to spend 2 hours in there and be charged $3.15 for one soda! The service was rubbish... the only good thing was that the kids meals were good value... but $20 for a spag bol....??? hmmm! Both the Chinese and the Indian in the heart of Niagara were better value and more filling than the Boston Pizza and the service at the other two was brilliant! After Boston Pizza we headed for the Skylon...

Tomorrow I will tell you about the Skylon!!!


  1. Boston Pizza not in Boston sounds gross. And Oatie is looking like he had fun! And I hope that made up for the lousy pizza. :)

    1. Lizbeth, you're right, if it's called Boston Pizza and not in Boston, then that should have been a flag!!! I don't know why but the chain is really big in Canada. Because we can't eat Cows Milk products, we rarely go in there, the kids friends at school eat in the local one and they really wanted to go... LOL!

      Oatie had the best time x

  2. Hi Friend! Wow Maid of the Mist looks like fun. He looks great with the walker that's the same one Ashley uses.

    1. Hi Sherry,

      Great to hear from you, Oatie stood up the best on the Maid of the mist... It's a good walker, this is a trial one from the hospital, his next should have 4 wheels so he can go FASTER OMG! he belts around it this one! Love Mel x

  3. Well, Mel, I was always scared shitless when we went to Niagara Falls. I always thought I would fall into the water and get swept away....far away. Awesome but scary for old people. Oatie looks like he had a great time, always smiling.
    BTW, when were were in Montreal last month, we ordered take out from the Boston Pizza in LaChenaie which was across from our hotel. Saved our life...those teriyaki chicken wings. Definitely not Boston style, but OK wings. I'll bet you happy to be home!

    1. Dear Phil, you could always go with our Oatie, he had the BEST "SEALEGS" of us all! You are most certainly NOT OLD! I have been meaning to ask, what the Super 8 you stayed in was like...
      Our own local BP isn't too bad, like the service is great. It was the servers Scarcastic comment about how long it took Oatie to walk back from the restroom/washroom/toilet (so she served other people ahead of us rather than serving us who were there first) she could clearly see him in a WALKER! and hence we were in there for pretty much 2 hours! Needless to say that her sarcasm got tipped accordingly! lol!


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