Friday, May 25, 2012

Headphone ear muffs are here! and Hospital!

OMG I just don't know where the week has gone... well on Tuesday Oatie and I went to the childrens' hospital to order his walker for school and a wheelchair for the bus!  I don't really understand all this vendor stuff... so I let the physio at the hospital pick a vendor as I don't have a preference and as long as he gets his walker and a chair It doesn't matter to me from whom it came from.

Basically you appoint a vendor and they bring in the equipment and fit it for your kid and then you pay them and then they get paid etc...  Anyway our Vendor was really nice, really nice he taught adaptive skiing for over 10 years and was a lovely guy, so happy to help and just loved kids too.

SO Oatie chose a black wheelchair OVER the blue one... he said the black would go FASTER!  after 10 minutes he learned to steer it... their aim is that he could wheel himself to the bus (its at the end of our drive way)  and have some independence....  The Walker is like the one he has now but it has a seat... 4 swivel wheels and a ratchet so he can't roll backwards and is Yoda Green.

Well, it might take 3 months for the wheelchair!  So thankfully I was on the organised side and he should get it just before kindergarten starts!

We were in the hospital for 3-4 hours... but they were very nice and even though she doesn't endorse or support ABR she was open minded and really tried to think outside the box which was nice...  Oatie was on top form....

Last Saturday was my eldest's birthday, he turned 9!  9! I know... then on the Sunday he went to a friends birthday party at Laser Tag..

Oatie and his sibs have been practicing for Oatie's bike rally very hard... most evenings they are out with Oatie gettting him bike FIT!

Will post more tomorrow...

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