Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oatie has been approved of a Service Dog !

Hooray! Yesterday we got a letter saying that Oatie has been approved for a service dog, which is excellent news as it will mean when he gets the dog, he won't use his walker very much at all as he'll used the dog to get around instead!!! With us or a dog Oatie doesn't toe walk and walks properly as he walks slower... in the walker he speeds around and toe walks which isn't very good for him... not to mention having a BFF, and someone who can help him take his mittens of, open doors pick items up for him, be with him when he swims and ice skates and goes to school...

Scene On A Dog Meeting Sept. 2009 In Kiel, Germany Royalty Free Stock Photo, Pictures, Images And Stock Photography. Image 8117674.


  1. that is great ,a good companion and a best friend .

  2. Thanks Misha's Journey, hope you guys are doing well

  3. Absolutely great news..I am sure that Oatie will thoroughly enjoy his new buddy and that the dog will also be a great help...they are so very, very loyal...moreso than people. I hope wait is not long!


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