Friday, June 29, 2012

Oatie's 3 Sports days

Well the school year is officially DONE! Last year my eldest went to a school that finished a week earlier and I think our school was finished last. Yesterday I had a cup of tea with a friend and she was already starting the "wind-down" and I was thinking, 24 hour more to go...

Since my eldest finished his PAT's they've been pretty much in Summer holiday mood... so I thought I'd add to it with some Cupcakes with faces, they were kids faces, thought I'd throw some Sugar into the mix on the last day!

After school we got some Summer clothing as they are already stocking the shops with SNOW GEAR!!! yes SNOW GEAR! I thought my friend was joking that on July1st that's when you buy your WINTER GEAR! I had to believe it to see it!

We had a lunch out which was a nice treat and then we went home.

Oatie had his 3rd "sports day" he was very disappointed that he didn't have a sports day so the rec centre creche organised the gym last week so Oatie and the creche friends could have a sports day too, it was pretty cool, they put up slides, nets tunnels, balls etc... they had so much fun they did it again on Friday and today Oatie was really sad as today was the last day of Creché until September, so they went to the gym but he was just so sad. The other day he almost made me cry as we drove past where his preschool was that he went last academic year, (that he couldn't go this year as they had a neurotic aide for him who despised him) said that's MY SCHOOL, I MISS MY SCHOOL.

Well he's going to his brother and sisters school in September, so I know he's looking forward to that.

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