Friday, July 6, 2012

just having a huge SCREAM!!! arrrghghgghghghghghhggh if only I could scream!

Well majorly annoyed! In Canada, the government give the money to help special needs families to a "seniors" section AGENCY!, for for a start the website is geared to seniors only!!! so that throws you off the scent.

When you do finally get to the organisation and get a home care worker out... which is 2.5 years AFTER the official diagnosis... you still get nothing no help nothing!

Why! Well because of Oatie is out of the medical system so to speak, that I won't let them cut him up and do physiotherapy on him (because for him it won't do any good)... although I could do with some ROL (Roar of laughter!) we don't get any help for respite at all!

I have said it before, our "home" suffers, as I don't have time to run around with a vacuum cleaner. I really would love someone to sit and read with Oatie or reinforce his numbers as we all think as does his wonderful preschool aide who we're still friends with think he's is capable of university one day, it just getting him there or giving him the opportunity to get there if the wants to...

Our bottom line goal is to get him as independent as possible, so he can have the best quality of life that he can have and I think he could have an amazing life... i truly do... it's about not cutting off opportunity for him. He has declared he wants to do a tandem parachute jump one day... and also wants to learn to surf.

Well for the incontinence supplies... we were seen by the case worker in end of Jan and by April I found out it was authorised but no one bothered to even tell us! that's how rubbish it is... and you don't even get 100% you still have to pay a huge chunk, it's like a discount which is almost negligible as you can't use Walmart or Superstore.. you have to go to SAFEWAY which is more expensive to start with... so I don't even know if it's going to be viable...

Does it support SWIMMING! NOPE! well that's considered a luxury!

I think that for any disabled person out there should get hydrotherapy or access to a pool for FREE and the paraphernalia to go with it... swim nappies/diapers, buoyancy aides, and hopefully volunteers who are prepared to go in the water with them if the parent isn't able to.

How on earth do people who can't walk, get regular CV exercise! I bet it's next to none! It's not fair and it just isn't right and I really can't stand the system it STINKS!

Oatie is lucky that we do have a membership to our local leisure centre and I was a certified ASA Swimming instructor. What about the other Oaties who don't have that access or ability?

I might think about making a swim diaper for him as he's never has soiled himself not even in the bath... not ever.. and do that so I can them re-make one as he grows...

The whole thing if you excuse the pun, STINKS! it so does!

Oh and out of all the toilet seats that this government agency will sanction for him which is worth $50... there is the choice of just 1, which probably won't be suitable and will need my husband to modify it for Oatie!

Don't forget the means tested disable access ramp too. Yep if you earn more than less than minimum wage, you get means tested for a flipping ramp! and no I'm not joking!!!

Stinks, stinks stinks!


  1. “Dear, here’s my few testimony words for you as I promise. I want to say your client how wonderful and good you are. You care and help the best way one can expect. And if I can give my counsel to your customers is that they should never hesitate to ask for your help. They would waste their time if they wait because you are the truth that magic works. You made a believer out of me!”

  2. OK, I think its time that you move to Massachusetts, in the olde USA. We get treated so much better here by the bureaucracy; it's warmer and Falmouth has a new (opened last month) solar powered skating rink. Sharon and I could read to Oatie while you vacuum! Deal!

    1. Thanks Phil for your lovely coments, Ohhh solar powerd skating rink! That's so cool! excuse the pun! I wish we lived closer as I would sure take you up on that! We have a HEAT wave at the moment 35oC on average each day LOL!


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