Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The puck imbecile...

Today we met another "Daft Puck" imbecile... No it's not a typo... lol! We were walking past the glass and there was this man on the ice and he was deliberately hitting the pucks as hard as he could on the glass right when we were walking past and the most Oatie got upset the more he did it.

Well, I like to believe in Karma... what goes around comes around... and in this situation... It made me jump out of my skin.

Anyway when we were leaving the complex I asked the operation director why do they have to hit it on the glass where people walk by why not the other side by the WALL... and he was a twat too, saying he can do whatever he likes as long as he's on the ice. My favourite part is this guys office is right by the "daft puck" ice surface and while I was complaining... the Daft Puck, man hit a cracker that made him the idiot I was speaking to in the office jump out of his skin.

Karma, Karma...

Apart from another puncture yesterday... things are going pretty good...

We're almost at our target of saving for his bi-ski.... so just need to put our grant applications in the post in September :)


  1. I really do believe in Karma. I'm glad he got his.

    Thinking of you!!!!


  2. Thanks Lizbeth, I'm sure one day he'll forget his "privates Box/Padding" lol! and get pucked himself lol!


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