Friday, June 15, 2012

Oatie's Cerebral Palsy Bike Rally

Last Sunday in the most horrid winds, Oatie, who really dislikes WIND rode his 1km bike ride and did it with style. His Brother, Sister and I made some sparkly things to bling up his bike... and we wore his hot pink skating top, but underneath some layers.. it was so windy that my eldest put on his snowpants and ski jacket!!!

It was meant to be a pretty level course but with the wind against us, it was that type of wind where you can't breathe!! takes your breath away!... the CP kids struggled battling the slight incline...

The adults and kids were AMAZING, if you ever feel that YOU can't do something, do and see something like this where non of them were distance walkers... they all needed "wheels" of some sorts, so to see people who can't walk on land but pedal was just totally brilliant.

Oatie all along the route in the wind said, "money for more bikes for friends" it was his mantra to get through something he hated with something he LOVED (the bike).

Oatie was awarded the highest fundraiser and he raised over $1315! my original target was $100.... I have left his page open for a week or two more as he's still getting sponsors in...

He had a brilliant time and his brother and sister rather than riding off ahead with the other able-bodied siblings wanted be with their brother, and cheer him on.

after the half way point we were out of the wind and Oatie left me for dust... his brother and sister ran along side him and he finished the 1km on his wheels before I got there on foot!

To finish the ride, they all got potato chips and then after we had hotdogs and pop.

It was a brilliant morning and Oatie is looking forward to doing it again next year...

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